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Working out is becoming a part of normal life for me. I started with a program called T-25 years ago and it was life changing. Our now 7 year old was a baby and I had started running before the pregnancy and felt really confident with my body and life in general… After having him running wasn’t a great option because he was nursing a lot and I couldn’t find the time in the midst of 2 big kids that played sports, and an infant that needed me all the time.

Throughout the years I have started and completed an array of programs and been pleased with the results each time. The part I struggle with is after the program ends (I have been known to take well deserved breaks) As nice as this sounds it does nothing for all the hard work that I just completed.

A new program was coming out and I was intrigued! 6 weeks of the work! It had everything I love – High intense, weights, and cursing (lol)

I started this program on four different occasions –
The first time I made it to about week 3 and gave up… Decided it was for people a little stronger and more fit than I was….

Second attempt – This time I made it through week 1 🙁

Third attempt – I think I finished week 2..

Finally on to the fourth attempt- I started this one with every intention of finishing! I got into it and by the 3rd day my 16 year old wanted to join in the fun! I am so thankful that he decided to join me on this journey.

Week 1

We were determined to push ourselves and smash the program. The workouts are long and hard! I cried on more than one occasion.
Our home gym is has been a work in progress during this program kind of like our bodies…
My seven year old has his desk in our workout room so that while he is doing school I can help if he needs. I think it was week 4 and we were doing abs and we were struggling and Chandler had said you guys can do it. Jacob responds back with “My muscles are broken” 🙂

At the start of the program I could only do 3 regular push ups by the end I was doing over 30 at a time. (This is huge!)

Strength is so important – It’s one thing to be thin, but to be strong is life changing… Growing up I was always taught that girls should be “dainty or skinny” Anything outside of that was too manly… 🙁

I am here to say FUCK that!! Being strong is FOR EVERYONE! I think the best part of this program was the time spent with our 16 year old. It was exciting to do a program that challenged us both in different ways. (He is a strong football player). He was able to cheer me on when I needed and there were parts that I was able to cheer him on and keep him going.

I don’t recommend this program for beginners. I recommend starting with a shorter program something that you can complete and feel challenged.

Transform 20 is a great beginner workout – with it being only 20 minutes a day (we all have 20 minutes)

T-25 is another great one because it is only 25 minutes a day.

Plus both of those programs have a modifier 🙂
There ain’t no shame in any part of the gain 🙂

Below you will see the journey of six weeks of the work

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