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Everything is feeling completely discombobulated and confusing! There are so many news outlets with contradicting information and it has been really hard to feel confident let alone be confident, and this sends me down these rabbit holes. Then I get caught up in what is being said and who is saying it and I find myself feeling like I am on a turntable and I feel dizzy and unable to make a decision on what to do or how to do it let alone feel like it’s a “good” decision… .AHHHHHHHH


We can’t control very much that’s for sure, but during my devotions this morning ( I haven’t been staying very dedicated to this, and I am sure this is why I am feeling completely lost!) anyway, during my devotionals this morning I can say that I felt a little weight lifted off of my shoulders.

Jesus tells us that there will be uncertainty and feelings of distress and frustration, and he even talks about the fact that we will have trials and tribulations… This is true because even he had them! People doubted him, people rejected him, people were uncertain about him…

These things are facts: We will have all of these things and right now the world feels like it’s in absolute chaos and we are confused and feeling a lot of uncertainty…. The thing I took from this morning is that Jesus tells us to “be confident” not to “feel confident!


I tend to put a lot of weight on how I “feel” and as great as this is sometimes it can be a deterrent because it can literally debilitate us… For instance: when we feel depressed, when we feel sad, when we feel lost, and when we feel confused!
feel like we aren’t good enough, capable enough, or strong enough doesn’t mean that is true! Just because we feel unseen or feel unloved or feel unheard doesn’t make it true. The same is true in the idea that just because you don’t “feel” confident doesn’t mean that you can’t BE confident.

Jesus tells us to “BE CONFIDENT!”

I know a lot of times in our society people mistake confidence for being snobby or stuck up, but that’s not true! We should be confident!
We should be and feel confident in WHO’S we are! Because who we are can feel all sorts of things and will continue to feel all sorts of things, but when we look in the mirror and really understand that we are more than who we are –

Wheew! That’s when the magic will happen! Once we understand “Who’s we are!!” the strong and confidence will pour out – like a waterfall with endless amounts of water and strength.

Especially with everything going on and the uncertainty that we are feeling is REAL! We are allowed to feel uncertain and confused! We are allowed to feel a little scared! We are allowed to feel a little alone! We are allowed to feel all the things that we are feeling. This is because we are human and we have feelings and those feelings deserve to be felt! Underneath those feelings though understand that we can “be confident” about who’s we are if nothing else! We can “Be Confident” in the truth that GOD is working! He is working in our lives and the lives of those around us.

Take a moment and see Truth! Take a moment and see Light! Take a moment and BE CONFIDENT!

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