fitness and how it impacts our lives


#SECUREANDSTRONG Working out is becoming a part of normal life for me. I started with a program called T-25 years ago and it was life changing. Our now 7 year old was a baby and I had started running before the pregnancy and felt really confident with my body and life in general… After having

Life =A Series of runs

This morning, about to head out for a short 25 minute run… My body was on board completely! I had taken my Spark and felt like I had so much energy! Preparing for the run… sippy cup, fruit pouch, play doh, phone with music, water bottle – DONE. We are ready. We let the toddler

Can you Spark?

We joined the Advocare family about a week ago. We received our welcome packet that included samples of Spark, Rehydrate, and Meal Replacements. The meal replacements are extremely filling and help curb my appetite. The water bottle is super cute and seals perfect! The rehydrate has been great after our runs. Running in general is


I started T 25, 7 weeks and 2 days ago today. When I first started I was skeptical because of it only being 25 minutes a day. I had done P90X in the past along with a lot of other workout videos and regiments. i never stayed dedicated. I would normally quit around week three


My birthday is right around the corner… The crazy thing is that for as long as I can remember I had my birthday celebration planned a long time in advance and I celebrated my birthday the whole month. There were jobs that I would purposely schedule off for the majority of August if I could.