Here we go 2022!

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2022! Woah, 2021 felt like it flew by! There were so many challenges and changes during 2021. It was difficult to navigate emotion and mentally. Covid and all the variants along with daily changes in requirements and information. It’s been interesting to say the least.

For us 2021 was an emotional rollercoaster! Navigating our almost 18 year old and his changing mind on what he wants to do and where he wants to go. He has decided on the United States Marine Corp. We aren’t sure of the exact date that he leaves for boot camp, but know that it’s right around the corner. We are insanely proud of his selfless decision and know that he will do great! As a Mom though I am trying to navigate relinquishing some of that control. We are getting ready to celebrate his 18th birthday big! Here we come Vegas for sky diving over Hoover Dam!

Chandler has had a year of exciting moments: He has excelled at boxing and JuiJitsu and he is getting excited for his belt ceremony in a couple of weeks! This will be his first one because each time they take place we are on vacation. We are just so proud of his dedication to the sport and his teammates. He is excelling in math it’s insane to see how quick he picks up on concepts. He has started Khan Academy and is loving the challenge.

As far as me: 2021 was interesting to say the least… for me personally I finished a few books the most impactful was Daring Greatly. I actually finished it twice over the year and will probably try to read it again this year. I repainted our house and that felt so good to give it a facelift. I started weight lifting – and definitely have fallen in love with it! I am shifting my mindset about fitness and my body. I am looking forward to trying to things and stepping outside my comfort zone in 2022.

It has been so great to watch Josh set boundaries and really enjoy his work. I am so proud of him for standing up for himself and starting his new job and setting those boundaries. He is just the most supportive loving father and husband. We are so blessed to have him.

Us as a family we took some trips and tried new things. We added some states to our map. Mississippi, Denver, and Arkansas. We also took a trip to the Dominican (It was really surreal to be there!) We adopted our Pupper! Raja, she is beautiful and fun! We definitely love having her! 🙂

We are looking forward to 2022 it will be a year of big changes. With Jacob heading off to boot camp and starting his military career, Chan gaining more independence, Josh and I will be navigating having one child at home. Such a huge thing for us. We have been going to football games for so long it feels strange to not be gearing up for the new season.

I am still trying to figure out what my personal goals are – I know that I want to be more present and consistent with working out and making time for family and friends.

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