Everyone is so mad! Mad about everything! Wheew! Being mad is okay, but can you even say why you are mad?
Some of the reasons I have heard people say are this: People are mad about wearing a mask, people are mad about other people getting $600 dollars extra on unemployment, people are mad about places being closed, people are just mad!! Mad at everything and we are fighting each other…
Be mad there isn’t anything wrong with being mad, but let’s be mad about things that should have been fixed long before the pandemic even happened.

LETS BE MAD ABOUT THEM NOT LETTING US WATCH OUR KIDS PLAY SPORTS AT SCHOOL! Let’s be mad that minimum wages haven’t been raised in over 10 years! Be mad that our healthcare system is big business and the sicker you are the more money they make! Be mad that there are kids that literally go to school and have to eat peanut butter sandwiches because they don’t have money to pay for lunches! Be mad that teachers have to spend the money that they make as a teacher to pay for things for the students they teach because it isn’t provided! Be mad that our politicians make the same salary there entire lives!! Be mad that our food is literally poisoning us! Be mad that we have so much human trafficking and there is such big money behind it that no one is paying attention to it! Be mad that our government is funding big business billions of dollars of bailouts, and giving the American people literally 1200 dollars! Be mad that our government didn’t approve the 600 dollars extra across the board! It’s not the unemployed person’s fault that our government approved it!

Stop being mad at the wrong people – and let’s unite and be mad at our government officials for allowing so much shit to happen! We as people should have access to healthcare and education regardless of financial situations! That is fact! We as people should be able to trust that our government officials are for us not against us!

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Chrissy Hise

Chrissy Hise

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