First of all can I just say how good it is to see our kids involved in activities outside out home again!! OH my goodness! I love watching J play football! It has been super exciting watching him work so hard and strive to be better each day!

Chandler is finding himself and has ventured into boxing and jujitsu (oh my goodness tiny tykes with boxing gloves lol) His nature school has started back up and it is beautiful!

I am busy a lot of the time, but I do better with so much going on! Xplor Boards is slowing down – I view this as a time for us to really navigate and evaluate the path we want this business to go in. (It’s been so fun seeing people fall in love with paddle boarding!)

Fall is upon us and I will say it is beautiful! I put our (It’s October Witches) sign up and it definitely adds comic relief every time I back out of the drive way.

Now that we have had a moment to smile and think awww this is AMAZING! and maybe you even sat there reading that thinking of the Amazing things that you have going on with your family 🙂


People lost it over masks! People have lost it over other people not staying home! People have lost it over this presidential election! People are losing it over other people standing up for rights they they deserve! People have lost it over a movie on Netflix that showcases the writer’s actual story!

Let me repeat that- Everyone is mad at Netflix for producing the movie Cuties (The girl that wrote it wrote it based on her own story). Maybe ya’ll should be mad at the fact that this girl had to experience this and hundreds of thousands of other girls experience this, but instead ya’ll are mad at Netflix. Why are you not mad at the institution that makes this okay daily?

I know a lot of people are like well she could have written it as a documentary… Oh you’re right because so many people watch documentaries. The fact is that the movie has done exactly what the writer wanted! It has gained attention, however, the problem is that instead of pointing the finger at the institution that allows all of this to happen daily in your little towns and big cities – we all went Netflix you bad! I will cancel my subscription. I didn’t see anyone complaining and posting for each of the 8 seasons of Dance Mom’s to get cancelled. This show showcases and exploits little girls in the same way except this is reality (NOT SCRIPTED) Ya’ll are in love with it! UGH!!!! The way they dress these girls, the dance moves, the way they have them act… it’s all NOT OKAY! It has been on for 8 seasons! WHY is this okay?

JonBenet Ramsey – What a heart breaking story- Her case is still not solved, but the consensus is that she was killed or taken for money. 🙁 The photo above is of her at 6. 🙁

The fact is that all of these kids should be allowed to be kids! A six year old shouldn’t be sexualized or taught that in order to win a dance competition or a beauty pageant they have to have a pound of makeup or a “Stage outfit” on. It’s all fun and games until it’s not!

Toddlers and Tiaras – How is this okay? You don’t have a problem with a 3 or 4 year old doing this, but you have a problem with the movie “Cuties” Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Again this is a reality show. NOT A SCRIPTED MOVIE!

Toddlers and Tiaras

All of these photos make me insanely sad! Being a woman is hard enough in today’s world with social media and so much emphasis on looks and being perfect! Perfect hair and perfect skin! Perfect weight! Perfect teeth! Perfect outfits! UGH!! These photos and shows represent a life of never being able to feel good in your own skin! When we engrain it into a toddlers head that teeth and hair and skin along with dance moves have to be a certain way…. These poor girls will spend a life time trying to live up to something that will be impossible to achieve! Look at this little girls teeth! NO TODDLER in the history of ever has teeth like this!!! They put self tanner on these sweet innocent tiny tots!

Not to mention the damn sex trafficking’s that are everywhere all over! Feeding tiny tots with this unrealistic view of “being perfect” will impact a self-esteem so much that when these girls become teenagers they are more likely to run away or get into drugs trying to escape themselves and their surroundings!

These types of institutions should be what you are mad about! We should be boycotting these institutions! We should be canceling our subscriptions! We should be putting an end to exploiting children!



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