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Jacob wasn’t able to play football this year because of breaking his arm. This is still something that he is upset about. He will walk over to the boys practice while I am practicing with the cheerleaders and I know that he just wants to be a part of that team so bad! He started out really embracing Connections Academy and all it had to offer. The last 2 weeks he has been playing a different tune… It has been a different story. We have really been struggling. Although today was much better and I think now that he realizes that he gets to make the schedule and that he doesn’t have to rush things will be getting better. I think 10 is a rough age because he wants to be older like his sister, but he also wants to be younger like his brother. I think I need to do a better job and being more patient with him. I think sometimes I expect more from him than I should. I am working on embracing the fact that he is only 10 and I shouldn’t rush him to grow up. There is that confusion of where he is at as far as stages go.

He loves legos, and playing the WII and X Box. He is obsessed with basketball shorts and dry fit shirts. I think he thinks he is going to a basketball game everyday. He has his own style and embraces it to the fullest. His room is always a mess, and he is fine with it being that way. He is boy through and through he hears a fart and laughs this sweet giggle that just doesn’t stop. He sometimes uses “man phrases” and it makes me laugh a lot. He is def growing because he eats like a horse. He has such a sweet heart. He is helper at church for the little kids during “kid time” he participates in puppet plays and so much more. My goal is to embrace him being 10 and all this age has to offer for him.

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Ashley has Connections figured out! She kind of struggled the first few weeks and it was rough, I was thinking maybe we didn’t think the decision through completely… Now that she has a good understanding of what is expected and how things work she is doing great! She enjoys the live lesson’s and she likes the fact that she can “go to school” at the coffee shop. She is a little bit of a hippy in that aspect 🙂

She is stepping outside her comfort zone a little more everyday. We are so proud of that fact. She is enjoying different things than she has in the past. She is really interested in gymnastics type stuff, and she has almost mastered her front handspring. It is fun to watch her want to try new things! She spends a lot of time outside on our make shift mats trying to figure things out. When I first brought up that I would be coaching cheerleading and that she would be coming to practice with me she was little annoyed, but now that we are into the season she looks forward to the practices and games. She actually loves it! She get’s along great with the girls and is making new friends. I am enjoying watching her find herself a little bit and explore new things.

She will be getting her braces off in about a week. I can’t believe how much she has changed just in the past few years. She went from being a little girl to growing into a teenager. She is getting that sparkle back in her eyes which makes my heart so happy. She also has her own sense of style and embraces that to the fullest.

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The bigs get along so great! They are both such great kids and I love how they love each other. They always have each other’s backs the way that brother and sister should have. They are both funny and quirky. Sometimes the days are long and stressful, but a lot of that is because I am a freak and I over think things. Today I was looking back on some previous posts and I has posted one about perspective… I think I should have went back and read that one last week. I probably wouldn’t have gotten so stressed over such little things.

Perspective is that my kids are awesome! House work is stupid and I am in control of my feelings.


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