I am in the process of looking up some stuff to maybe do my children’s time at church over… I ask the bigs what I should look up and they say “Patience” I respond with why? Jacob responds because God is always so patient with us… heart happy! I think to myself wow this is fabulous and he is so right. So, I start looking up patience and how it pertains to the bible…

Patience is waiting for, looking for, and hoping for, expecting, perseverance, enduring, bearing, remaining, and abiding… All of these areas I could use some help with every now and again… Okay on a daily basis. The amazing thing is that God’s love for “us” is all of those things! It is my goal every day to be more patient with the people in my life especially my kids.. They are only little once and once they grow up we can’t get it back. Everyday i ask for patience and perspective to understand life and the different situations in my life.


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