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Vaginal or C-section delivery?
Do you breast or bottle feed?
What kind of diapering system are you using?
Homemade baby food or store bought?
Organic or Not?
Garden to table or fast food?
Pre-school or Not?
Public or Private education?
Home school or Un-School?
Married or Single?
Gay or Straight?

Breath Easy Mama! You are doing okay! Your baby is doing okay! In life we are all dealing with a story. We are all dealing with situations and circumstances that may decide what path you travel down in your parenting journey. This doesn’t make you a better or worse Mommy than the person sitting next to you. This just means that your story sounds a bit different than mine or anyone else’s, but please know that your story is a powerful one! Tell it with grace and understanding towards yourself.
Breath Easy Mama! We all feel scared! We all feel like we aren’t enough! We all feel like we are falling short! We all feel like some days are absolute victories while other days are absolute failures. We all feel like the next Mama has it all together while we are a chicken with our heads cut off. Motherhood is the single hardest most stressful hood you will ever be a part of! It doesn’t matter if you went through child birth or not – Motherhood isn’t how your baby came into the world instead it is the fact that you my friend are putting that child’s needs at the forefront. You are choosing to care for and love that child the best way you know how.

Breathe Easy Mama! we all have to start somewhere. You only need to know this- You were chosen for a reason! God does not now nor has he ever made a mistake! You are enough in this moment to handle motherhood! The only thing that all of our stories should have in common aside from the struggles is growth. Are you growing? Are you allowing yourself to ask for help? Are you allowing yourself to utilize your village- You have one I promise you! God gives us these amazing villages that do not have to share DNA, but instead they share in love and understanding.

Breathe Easy Mama! These early school ages are difficult- There is a lot of pressure- Is your child reading? Is your child writing his or her name? Is your child playing sports? Is your child wearing the right clothes? Is your child sitting still in the chair?
Breathe Easy Mama! Your child is special and unique and will figure things out at his or her own pace! I promise you that if your child isn’t reading at the age of 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or whatever age everyone else is telling you is the right age your child will be okay! I know this because I have a 15 year old that didn’t read until the later part of 7 and he is a freshman and thriving! He is doing great and even taking some honors classes. Every child learns at his or her own pace. This doesn’t mean that your child isn’t smart enough or good enough. Instead it means that your child is ENOUGH right now!! You are enough right now! Is your child smiling? Are they happy? Are you happy?

The same 7 year old that couldn’t read – was playing golf just under the age of 2, and throwing and catching a baseball at the age of 4, and running for touch downs at this age. I have a 5 year old that has been doing sight words and reading since 4, but can’t hit a golf ball and has no interest in playing baseball or football. Both of these children are special in there own right and neither one is smarter or better than the other it’s just proof that children are different and have different strengths and weaknesses and instead of focusing on the weaknesses that our children have we should start celebrating there strengths.

Breathe Easy Mama- It’s okay if your 3 year old that can clearly dress themselves needs you to dress them. It’s okay that your 6 year old that knows how to tie his or her own shoe doesn’t want to and wants you to do it. It’s okay if your 12 year old wants you to wash his or her hair even though they know how to do it. It’s okay if your 19 year old needs help with laundry even though they know how to do it. No different than it’s okay that you go and get your hair done – even though you know how to do it. It’s okay if you pay someone to clean your house even though you clearly know how to do it. It’s okay for you to have someone pump your gas even though this is something that you clearly know how to do. It’s okay that you pay that grocery service to shop for you even though you know how to do it.

do you understand what I’m saying? Instead of getting frustrated with your children when they ask you to do things for them that they clearly know how to and can do understand that they are just needing you in that moment and there doesn’t always have to be an explanation. Sometimes you just want someone else to do your hair because it just feels good right!! Sometimes it just feels good for your child to know that you still see them! You still see them! Even though they are getting bigger. It’s a transition for everyone in the house. Lower those expectations….

Breath Easy Mama- You are doing a find job- Do not stress about these early stages- You and your children are going to be okay as long as you keep showing them that you see them! Showing them that you here them! Showing them that you love them! The same way that your Heavenly Father is showing us everyday- He sees us! He Hears us! He loves us!

– Breathe Easy Mama –

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