You are not your past! Create your future!

For years in my life I was a quitter – I didn’t even realize it. I always had a reason to quit things. I quit a sport because I didn’t like the coach, I quit a class because I had a disagreement with a teacher, I quit college because (Why did I really need it anyway) I started more career paths than I can even remember and guess what? I quit them…
Workout routines – Woah I quit a lot of those (This one wasn’t working for me, this one was too hard, this one just wasn’t for me)
The truth is that when things got a little challenging that’s when I decided to quit. Always having a reason made me feel like it wasn’t me. EEEEEEK

The fact is that it was’t until my late 30’s that I finally finished my associates degree… I finally decided that I was going to change the narrative. I was no longer going to be a quitter – I was going to finish things that I started.

I have – I have changed the Narrative to be SECURE enough in myself to keep going even if sometimes I feel like the world is tearing me down. I have changed the Narrative to stand STRONG on my foundation that I choose to stand on. Sometimes this foundation is a little wobbly and I have to remind myself that I do deserve to feel these things ( I deserve to feel secure enough in myself that I can keep going, and strong enough that the foundation under me will hold me.

For me it’s more than just physical strength although I am a firm believer in having physical strength it really is a beautiful thing! Weights and endurance!!! Emotional and mental strength are key components that sometimes are harder than the physical strength to really hold on to.

I am TRYING everyday.

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