Secure and Strong- What does this mean to me?
This is what I wish I had felt all my life! I wish someone had taken time out to teach me how to feel this way early on in my life. I spent my entire life trying to be “skinny” because that’s what society brainwashes girls into believing. I look back and it makes me sad that I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin.

I am as a person, wife, mother, and friend. I strive to feel Strong in each moment that I get to experience. The truth is that I don’t always feel Secure and Strong, but using this name pushes me to put this at the forefront of who I am. This name pushes me to want to keep doing what I am doing! Pushes me to get up when that alarm goes off!

It wasn’t until my 30th birthday that I started to really fall in love with the idea of just being strong! Lifting weights – really toning up. It was like the Heavens opened up and the Angels started to sing. It was one of those aha moments that you just look up and say goodness why didn’t I see this before.

There is just something about feeling strong, good, and comfortable in your own skin! Now that I am feeling that I just want to help others to feel so good about themselves and where they are. I want to help others want to get up, get moving, and step on the track to feeling Secure and Strong!