Thank you!

Over the last few weeks at church they have been talking about “stories” Stories about how Jesus and different things he has done and continues to do, also individual stories – testimonies from people in our congregation… Heart wrenching, tears rolling down my face, God stories! Today our church basically hosted an open mic for

Partner in Life

Friends / boyfriend / girlfriend / husband / wife More than these titles I think it’s important to put more emphasis on “Partner in Life.” I remember at an early age my brothers and sisters, mom and dad, and others would say things like oh is that your boyfriend? You know in a joking manor,

Mental Breakdown

Yesterday started out like any other day. I woke up drove Ashley to school while the rest of the house was a sleep. I get home to Chan awake and Josh warming up some milk. The morning continues without a hiccup. Getting Chan dressed, making breakfast, getting Jacob up, getting myself ready, in the midst

A night out… Action packed

Well, I decide that it is going to be a good idea to get together with my friend Katie her daughter Brianna and boyfriend Chris.  We plan that we will meet at Pizza Hut and then venture to Rave Theatre which is now Carmike… At anyrate we get to dinner and I am uber excited