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We are going on about 4 weeks of Connections Academy. The first week was hell and I questioned our decision to switch from regular school to online school. After speaking with the kids’ teacher’s the second week was a lot easier. I feel like we are now on a good routine and we have a good understanding of how it works. We doing use Connections to it’s full potential because there are things that don’t work for our family, but we embrace the lessons and assessments. We do not use the work books, instead we use Khan academy and we also use Spanish apps, along with math and science apps. I also found this great game that helps with typing. We spend a lot of time outside and learning in all sorts of ways. I think I would call what we do a mixture of home school, online school, and unschooling. We really enjoy the freedom of it and I think the kids are doing great. They are completely different kids than they were when going to regular school. They aren’t as stressed or overwhelmed and I think they are learning more now than ever before. The kids have started Guitar lessons at the library and they went okay last week and they are looking forward to next week. They will be doing a few art classes as well at the library. They socialize at church and with different kids that they want to. I am excited for the endless possibilities that are a head for us as a whole.

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