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life imageToday is one of those days I woke up with the biggest smile on my face listening to Chandler talking in his crib. I turn my head… there was the man who has my heart. (The day was going to be the best day!) I got up grabbed Chan boy out of the crib and talked and laughed as I brought him to change his pee filled diaper. He of coarse handled his “man hood” because he is a typical boy lol! At any rate we venture to the kitchen to get some food because he is starving! In the midst of that happening the bigs are awake and we exchange our good mornings and small talk. They head to get on with school work. Chandler is now in his chair yelling because I am not fast enough. I butter his toast and cut it into perfect little squares. While doing that the egg is cooking perfectly in the tiny little orange pan. Now it’s time to turn the egg… The fact that it’s a tiny little orange pan matters because in order to flip it I have to use my mad cooking skills and toss it out of the pan and back in on the other side… and well this doesn’t happen it goes splat on the stove… I quickly scoop it up and put it on the plate as if it never happened (the 500 minute rule is apparent in our house) Chandler see’s it and squints his eyes in a way of disapproval… I however tell him that it’s fabulous and cut it up in perfect squares and give it to him. He sees the powdered donuts on the counter and well so much for my attempt at a healthy breakfast. While this is going on I continue to repeat that his eggy is so yummy! I am now in the process of unloading and reloading the dishwasher because my internal self doesn’t handle dishes on the counter. Chandler is pointing and getting pissed because he likes help in this process… I like to do it fast while he is contained otherwise we could spend a good hour working on putting away dishes. Now he is done eating and we are ready to brush teeth. Dad is now ready to venture out to go to to work. We exchange out good byes and it’s not the most heartfelt because I am changing a poopy diaper… because you know the 25 minutes that he ate he apparently needed to empty out. Don’t worry I am on a time schedule I had an appointment to get to… In my mind I envisioned that I was gonna be super mom today… I was now being “that” mom… Chandler was eating dog food… Chandler we don’t eat Lady’s food, Chandler we don’t dump rice crispies on the floor. Chandler hunny we are heading back to the bathroom now so Mommy can get ready. (Jacob says mom can you help me? Of coarse I can! Mean while Chandler is now back in Chipper (the bunnies cage) I race back there because sister is busy with a test. He is kicking and screaming because how dare I not let him eat that piece of bunny poo! Jacob is still in need of my assistance… I am trying to break down his problem the best of my ability meanwhile in my mind I see the clock and realize I am down to needing to be out of the house in 20 minutes to make the appt. But I haven’t even brushed my teeth and I look out in the hall and notice and huge clump of dog hair… I get the problem explained and Jacob (light bulb) get’s it! (I am feeling amazing!!!) Don’t worry that feeling quickly ran away because Chandler was about to eat the dog hair!!! I pick him up quickly and get the sweeper I sweet it up but do you think I stop there!! Nope… I swept the hall way, our bedroom, then the living room… While in our bedroom I see the heaping pile of laundry… Ahhh I race to get it in the washer… I run back to get clothes changed. Chandler is taking everything out of the cabinets and throwing it in the tub… I can’t worry about that right at the moment so I let it happen… I am finally done and ready to go… I put everything away and walking out of the hallway… Jacob needs his test graded. 🙂 I am working on that and I realize that I should have left 15 minutes ago… I grade his test (He did great) I grab Chandler and stuff and go to grab keys… Do you think I have them… Nope they are in the truck which is with Josh at work… This is only 2 hours of the day. 🙂

The other day I was told that I was so organized hahahah I am an organized mess! 🙂

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