Things I have learned about being a Mother

Mothering (loving a child, taking care of a child, being there for a child, disciplining a child) is the single hardest and most Amazing job ever! There are days you will feel on top of the world! Like you conquered it! Then there are those days where you feel like the biggest failure on the

Happy Birthday Sweet Handsome boy! 3 :)

Our sweet handsome boy is 3! The time has gone crazy fast. I know that every one says that and it holds true for us all, but wow! This boy: He is funny, very very funny! He has a mind of his own. He is very sure of what he wants when he wants it.

Chandler @ 2 years & 8 months

Chandler is almost 3! That is hard to say… He is getting bigger everyday. It’s funny because he still likes me to hold him a lot. I love this, but I am sure that I am going to have a broken back here soon. I will hold him as long as he will let me

Mental Breakdown

Yesterday started out like any other day. I woke up drove Ashley to school while the rest of the house was a sleep. I get home to Chan awake and Josh warming up some milk. The morning continues without a hiccup. Getting Chan dressed, making breakfast, getting Jacob up, getting myself ready, in the midst

Phrases- “What just came out of my mouth?”

On a daily basis there are phrases that come out of my mouth and I have to say, “Wow, I never thought I would be saying that.” There are certain moments that happen and I go well no one prepared me for that… Things that occur and I have to go, “Am I being punked!?

Little Moments

It’s the little moments… It’s the little moments that take my breath away… It’s watching my kids play and laugh together… It’s those moments when they need me. It’s when Ashley asks me to cut up her steak. It’s when Jacob asks me to do his hair for school. It’s when Chandler only wants me

Our New Home!

We have been here in Florida for a little over a month and in our new home a little over 2 weeks. The palm trees are absolutely perfect and the sun is amazing! There are days when it’s a little warm, but I will take the heat over freezing cold any day of the week.