Little Moments

It’s the little moments…

It’s the little moments that take my breath away…
It’s watching my kids play and laugh together… It’s those moments when they need me. It’s when Ashley asks me to cut up her steak. It’s when Jacob asks me to do his hair for school. It’s when Chandler only wants me to hold him. It’s hearing Ashley talk about her day and seeing that sparkle in her eye. It’s listening to Jacob’s excitement for school and willingness to try new things. It’s watching Chadler play and learn everyday.


Our Biggs are both doing exceptional…

Ashley is on the honor roll, and she just completed an amazing season of cross country. She made it to Regional’s (which is equivalent to semi state in Indiana). She is heading to Nationals for Raiders this coming weekend. She has earned the spot of “Best Raider” in the short span of time that she has been a part of the team. She has shown perseverance, dedication, excitement, and just pure commitment to her team. She is so strong and beautiful. We couldn’t be prouder of the woman that she is turning into.


Jacob is on the honor roll (This is a first). He just completed his Football season. He played great! They won the bowl game.  He is trying out for Volleyball. This will be his first time playing this sport. He is also involved in Spanish Club and the Cadet Program (this is the middle school version of the Raider program. He has done such a great job at acclimating. He also just got his ears pierced. He has the best heart and he is very strong. He has shown dedication and commitment to making good choices. We couldn’t be prouder!


Chandler is a very strong willed 2 year old. He loves going to the library, he enjoys going on bike rides, walks with Lady, and playing in the sand along with playing in the ocean. He loves watching Mickey Mouse, Bubble Guppies, and Alvin and the Chipmunks. He is determined to get what he wants. He is a pro at kicking and screaming this last week. He is very picky about who does things for him (Mostly Mom do it). He wants to do everything that Jacob is doing. He wants to know where Sister is at all  times. He loves coloring and painting. He will sit in our sunroom and drink his coffee (warm milk). He is a funny kid full of the cutest sayings. “Mom do it” Mom change you” Mom, I need coffee!” Dad, pay trucks 2 minutes” Brudder have a good day!” Sister pay game 2 minutes.”

He is very good at testing my patience that’s for sure… being a toddler is hard… Being the Mom of a toddler is even harder… (This is a very short stint in time and I have to embrace it best I can… One day at a time… that’s for sure)

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I am very thankful for the opportunity to embrace these children each day, I am very thankful that I have a supportive and loving partner that makes it possible for me to do what I do. There are days when I cry, days when I laugh, and days when I think I am absolutely insane, but there are those precious moments that I get to experience that make it all worth it. Those moments that I get to hold on to and cherish. With that I will take the crazy moments and I will embrace those too because they are not the ones I will remember… I will remember the little perfect moments! 


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