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Our four year old has flown 7 times in his little life- which is impressive because I didn’t take my first flight until I was 30. At any rate we were flying from Charlotte, NC to Dallas, TX, he was starring out the window just chatting away- talking about the colors of the sky and how happy he was that we were flying through the clouds, he even chatted about how when he gets older he wants to fly an orange plane! Bless his heart- as we were descending he was looking down and he says, “Mama, do you see all those houses and cars? Do you see all the trees and tiny roads? Mama, does it look like its all toys and we could just play with the whole world because it’s like a toy mat?”



Doesn’t it just look like a toy mat and we could just play with everything? Yesssssss! Yesss! Life is about perspective- I think sometimes when we are in the mix of this crazy thing we call life we feel really small and our world feels really big and we aren’t real sure where we fit in or if we fit In at all.
Take it from a four year old- The world is your play ground- go out at play! The world is really small and you can fit in anywhere you go! The best part is that if you arrive somewhere and you aren’t feeling great about that spot- there about a billion and one other spots to travel to. A lot of times we limit ourselves. We allow those negative thoughts to engross us, we allow those negative thoughts to debilitate us and in doing so we become stagnant.




“Grab your day by the Horns”
“Make good choices”
“Wear your participation pants”

Every day when I drop my son off to school this is what I say to him. I’m not sure if I say it for him to hear or for me to hear, but either way I say it. Understand that some days I might have my participation pants on backwards, or maybe I could only get them up and not buttoned. There are days that I don’t make the best choices, and that’s okay too! It’s okay because at least I made a choice- Once you make a choice take responsibility for your choice. That is the key! What does grab your day by the horns mean? To us it means get up and go after it! Do the best that you can do that day! Basically each day is a new day- Be the best you can be that day! Maybe you can only operate at 50 percent that day- don’t feel bad about it be the best 50 per center you can and let it go.
These words that I speak to him are merely a reminder that each day is a gift, but that doesn’t mean that each day will be perfect. It just means that It’s a new day- don’t let the choices you made the day before hinder your choices for today. Take responsibility for your actions and figure out a way to move past them.This life that you are living will never be perfect because perfect is unobtainable in the aspect that= we are human and we are flawed. However, your world is what you make it, make a choice to start cutting out the things that don’t bring you happiness, start cutting out the things that turn your smile into a frown. There are people, places, and things that you can cut out of your life- You can do this because not everything and everyone is meant to be forever.

The world is your play ground go out and play!

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