Homeschooling – “Oh the places you’ll go”

As the summer was approaching it’s end- The feels were out of control- Feelings of sadness, excitement, wonder, nervousness, worry, and so many others. We had made the decision to send Chandler to a private school here in Columbia City. The school is a small, Christian based school, and we felt this was going to

Starting Over

This year is an interesting year in our house, we have a daughter graduating high school, a son graduating 8th grade, and our tiny guy graduated pre school. That being said there are a lot of emotions that just engulf every aspect of my existence at this point. Anytime a graduation occurs it brings back

2017- it’s a wrap

2017- Another one for the books! We really took some chances and wheew did we have fun! During the year of 2017 we rang in the new year in our Cape Coral house with some awesome friends! The next couple of months would be spent celebrating Josh, Ashley, and Jacob! Those winter birthdays! The next

blessed with the gift of parenthood

This Christmas season has just been such a blessing- play dates, family dinners, cookies, and praising our Heavenly father. Sunday we woke up and went to Church- while there the pastor started talking about the birth of Baby Jesus and how it all came about. This is a story that I have heart about a

Thank you – 2017

In 2 days we get to celebrate one of the most amazing moments! The birth of our Christ and Savior, our Heavenly Father! We get to celebrate his birth- We are so blessed that he loved/loves us so much that he has enabled all that we have, where we are, and where we are going.

Go out and Play

  Our four year old has flown 7 times in his little life- which is impressive because I didn’t take my first flight until I was 30. At any rate we were flying from Charlotte, NC to Dallas, TX, he was starring out the window just chatting away- talking about the colors of the sky