A night out… Action packed

Well, I decide that it is going to be a good idea to get together with my friend Katie her daughter Brianna and boyfriend Chris.  We plan that we will meet at Pizza Hut and then venture to Rave Theatre which is now Carmike… At anyrate we get to dinner and I am uber excited to order my Fountain Mountain Dew, salad bar, and an order of breadsticks. The food starts arriving and I had my salad made. I was a little sad that they didn’t have any applesauce on the salad bar, but this oh so nice server just showed up at our table with a cup of it. Talk about best day ever she must have overheard my sadness. Either way for her to be that observant. I wanted to hug her, but thought that might e creepy.  Well, we are all enjoying our food talking and laughing, when I have to scurry to the bathroom because I know that I will be throwing up soon. I know you are thinking that’s crazy because you I am 26 weeks into the pregnancy.  Well, I do that and return to the table and continue to eat a little. All the while going about what we were doing.  I was feeling fine.  We head to register to take care of bill and I get a red sucker from the cashier because they are the best. I eat that in the car and we are off to the theatre.  Everything is great until we turn into the parking lot and I have to get out of the car right away.  Josh, you have to let me out… and he does. I run as fast as my pregnant body will allow to the theatre, I have to stop along the way to puke in the trash can I squeeze through people make it to the bathroom and well let it all out… I am pretty sure there is nothing left in me as I was dry heaving by this time… I had to pee so bad so I think I better do this before I lose control. So, I turn around sit down on the toilet begin to pee and wouldn’t ya know I have to puke again, but I was unable to get up fast enough before it is all surging out of my mouth, and where does it go… oh in my underware (talk about being absolutely mortified) I am thiking to myself what the fuck just happenned… I mean really this did not happen. I begin to cry because seriously sitting on the toilet my throat is burning my pride has been beat up by like 50 angry mobsters… and there is vommit in my underware. I carefully remove my shoes slowly take off my pants in doing that i notice that there is puke on the back of my pants… so i begin to whipe that out the best I can. I take a big amount of toiletpaper and put it on the floor because I am anticipating that getting underware off will probably be a mess… well I was right. I get them off put them in the trash can clean up toilet paper off floor mean while still sitting on toilet feet held up jeans held up with one hand because no one wants to touch bathroom floor. Then while this is taking place there is a lady next to me that is asking if I am alright 20 times. bless her heart. I tell her I am fine and just continue to finish my process up… I then get my pants back on crying and sort of laughing absolutely disgusted. I wash my hands and continue out the bathroom… I find Josh and kids in the lobby explain in no detail what just happenned decide I should get a bottle of water… (They are out of bottle water, which by the way they charge 5 50 for at the theatre… I mean seriously is that normal?) So, then I figure out that neither one of us have gum… I do have hand santizer which I used a lot.

We walk to the theatre find our seats, Katie and her gang join us. She thankfully has 3 choices of gum. I find the perfect one a few minutes later I have to run to the trash… I made it which in my mind was a Win win situation. (I was trying to find the positives… as I am releasing the fluids from my mouth a little girl and her mom walk by me… the little girl lets her mom know how gross that is… I can’t help but agree with her because it is nasty… however, I finish and head back to my spot. Everything seems to be going well other then I can’t get comfortable my whole body aches and I hhave to pee like 3 times. At anyrate the movie Oz The Great and Powerful (so good). So we are exiting the premises, walking to the car and wouldn’t ya know it… I am not done. I have to puke in the shrubbery. Josh being the good guy he is he let’s me know that it’s good for them it will help them grow… we are walking to the car we get there and well it happens again (a lot this time) I don’t understand how there is more in there, but there is… finally I am done. Josh gets out of SUV with a bottle of watter to try and clean it up a little so that the other people can get in thier car… so nice. We are finally on the way home… and well sure enough we have to pull over because apparently there is more. Well, finally we arrive home I brush my teeth and get ready for bed, turn the heating pad on, and I join my frieds at snooze town.  Thankfully I slept so good and didn’t wake up until 7:20 this am… Ahhh There is a silver lining.

The things that I have experienced over the last 26 weeks… mind blowing.I mean if someone would have told me all of these little things would be going on… my response: your dumb!! Extentuating that word. I just continue to rub my belly and go wow, the things I do for you…

At the end of the day it could be a lot worse… Puking is the worst thing I have to worry about I am doing pretty good. It helps that I have a super great support system with the kids and Josh, they really are team players.

That’s it for now.

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