25 weeks and counting!

24 weeksChandler Price (aka Baby Johnson) is steadily growing and making use off all the space he has (which isn’t very much) He’s active throughout the day and night.  I do love feeling him expoloring his surroundings (which happens to be my uterus) :). At 25 weeks in I am still getting sick almost daily. I do have good days in there though.  Honesty, it’s  no fun, but every other aspect of pregnancy has been pretty good to me. He is completely healthy!!! So, that makes everything else completely worth it. By everything else I mean the puking, the heart burn, the inability to get comfortable, back aches, abdominal pains, the pimples like a 12 year old boy going through puberty, my hair frying itself before it decides to just break off or fall out. 🙂 However, I have been completely lucky in the aspect that I am still fitting into regular slightly larger clothes.  I am also so completely blessed to be with the sweetest most supportive man. Josh Johnson really is a keeper. I couldn’t ask for a better partner.

I do have my moments especially as time get’s closer to delivery where I am terrified because I don’t have my mom here to hold my hand through any of this or rub my head and tell me that everything is going to be fine.  It makes me so sad, but at the sametime I do know that she is watching and making sure things are okay. I do have a fantastic support system and I do feel so blessed about that. Sometimes I just feel like a scared little girl not ready for all of this even though I have been through this with Jacob, but I was a different person and I really didn’t have a clue at how Amazing creating a life really is or how fragile all of this really is.

I distinctively remember asking Dr. Zacher to tie my tubes at the age of 20 when I gave birth to Jacob, she couldn’t legally do it. I never thought I wanted anymore children or that I could love another child the way that I love that sweet blue eyed boy. After dating Josh for almost 2 years and being such a big part of Ashley’s life I realized that my heart was big enough for more than just Jacob. I love both the kids just the same, but in diferent ways if that makes sense. I also find myself falling more in love with Baby Chandler and getting more and more excited to bring him into this world (with help of coarse). I wonder what color his eyes will be, I wonder what texture his hair will be, I wonder if he will want to play football like his big brother or be a super star runner like his big sister, or if he will do something completely different…and whatever that is will be Amazing. The endless possibilities are so super exciting. I do believe that everything happens for a reason, and I feel as though Chandler is a gift as are all children.

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