Spring Break!

We are about to embark on our 18 our trip to Florida later on this evenning. I am very excited for vacation. As this will be our last vacation as a 4 person family. 🙂 So we thought it was important that we make an effort to do something super fun.  As life will be changing

A night out… Action packed

Well, I decide that it is going to be a good idea to get together with my friend Katie her daughter Brianna and boyfriend Chris.  We plan that we will meet at Pizza Hut and then venture to Rave Theatre which is now Carmike… At anyrate we get to dinner and I am uber excited

25 weeks and counting!

Chandler Price (aka Baby Johnson) is steadily growing and making use off all the space he has (which isn’t very much) He’s active throughout the day and night.  I do love feeling him expoloring his surroundings (which happens to be my uterus) :). At 25 weeks in I am still getting sick almost daily. I