17!! Wow! Happy Birthday


A Junior!  A 17 year old! I’m not sure where the time has gone! I can say that over the last 5 years there have been lots of laughs, tears, talks, disagreements, and every thing in between. One thing has held true… My love for you! My love for you hasn’t changed. 🙂

My Prayer for You!

I pray that you put yourself in uncomfortable situations. (This will help you to just face this world head on!)
I pray that you will wear your participation pants always!
I pray that you will grab each and every day by the horns!
I pray that you will always be honest! (This will make life so much more enjoyable)
I pray that you will stop and smell the flowers! (Please don’t get caught up in letting things pass you by)
I pray that you will dance to the beat of your own drum! (Please don’t let society change you)
I pray that you will always find beauty when you look in the mirror! 
I pray that you will run your race! (this pertains to the race of life)
I pray that you will allow yourself to really be loved! (You deserve to be loved)
I pray that you will always be able to forgive… (I don’t want you to let other people bring you down)
I pray that you will find joy in the things that you do!
I pray that you will always know that the world is your play ground…. Go out and play!! 
I pray that you don’t let work consume you! 
I pray that you live each day trying to only be better than you were the day before…
I pray that you will accept people for who they are!
I pray that you use, “safety first” in all that you do!
I pray that you have lasting friendships to help you get through this crazy thing we call life!
I pray that you understand that there are things outside your control and things inside your control. The only things in life you can control are: You attitude! Your actions! The way you live your life! The way you treat people!
I pray that you believe in yourself!
I pray that you embrace to Good life has to offer!
I pray that you always know that you are not alone! I pray that you pray!
I pray that you will Love the Life you Live!
I pray that you will Live the Life you Love!

Always remember every day is a blank page in your book of life! You are in charge of what you write! Have fun writing your book of life! 🙂

There are lots of things that I am thankful for… Every morning/night I look up and I thank the Good Lord upstairs for allowing me to be your Mom! I also, look up and ask for help and guidance every day… Guidance to help me guide you in the way that you need guided. I know that I am not a perfect Mother! I know that I make mistakes everyday and I know that I will continue to make mistakes, but more than that I will continue to love you! I will continue to be here! I will continue to be your biggest fan! I will also continue to put you in your place when need be! I will continue to encourage you to follow your dreams! I will continue to push you to your full potential! I will continue to Love you unconditionally!

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Ashley you are beautiful! You are Smart! You are funny! You are Strong! You are driven! You are creative! I am proud of you for being you! I am proud of you for embracing Life!

I love our moments together! 🙂 They make my heart smile!

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Just a few of my favorites!

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Ashley! 17 is such a fun and exciting age! Embrace all that it has to offer! This is such an exciting time in life! You are on the brink discovering life! 🙂

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!! I love you! 


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