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Realities: Social Media, Movies, Magazines, and every other form of anything that influences our thoughts… They all build this idea that Love is supposed to be easy and beautiful all the time. They show pictures of passion, and pictures of adventure, and pictures of perfection…


Well, I’m not sure how it is in your house, but ours doesn’t look like that… Our love isn’t always easy, it’s not always beautiful! Sometimes passion and adventures take a back seat to real life… Things like cleaning the house, changing diapers, taxiing the biggs to and fro where they need to be, things like working and paying bills… Well, I can also tell you that perfection doesn’t exist well at least not the way that “perfection” is displayed!

The truth is that our Love isn’t perfect! Love is happy and Love is sad! Love is fun and Love is boring! Love is beauty and Love is ugly! Love is smooth and Love is bumpy! Love is glass half empty as well as glass half full! Love is fancy dresses and sweat pants, Love is bare feet and heels, Love is roller coasters, and slow boat rides, Love is running a race, and Love is sitting on the couch! Love is late nights and early mornings! Love is sunshine and well as a horrible rain storm! Love is calm waters and a crazy hurricane! More than this Love is a choice! Love is a choice that has to be made every day! Some days it will feel easy! Some days it will be a struggle.


We really only have today! Today is a day that I want to choose love! Today is a day that I will accept Love! Today is a day that I will embrace all that this crazy thing called Love has to offer.


I feel blessed that I get to experience this beautifully imperfect love! It’s this love that lights a fire in my heart! It’s this love that inspires me to be a better person! It’s this love that brings light to my life! It’s this love that creates this fiery passion that starts in my toes! It’s this love that allows me to feel! Feel every emotion and feeling completely. It’s this love that brings me absolute anger at times and it’s this love that brings me joy that runs out of me like a faucet on full blast This love that brings sadness that hurts my whole body, but then this love makes me feel like a volcano ready to erupt with butterflies and rainbows. It’s this love that gives me absolute contentment some days, but then on others I feel absolutely discombobulated!

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It’s this love that has completed our family! It’s this love that has taught us that it’s okay to take chances! It’s this love that has allowed us to experience life in such a way that makes us grow and learn. It’s this love that has opened our minds and hearts to new possibilities! It’s this love that has taught us that it’s okay to jump because we aren’t jumping alone! It’s okay to fall because we will catch each other. It’s okay that walk because sometimes we have to just take it in, and it’s also okay to run because there are some situations that we have to get far far away from! This love has taught us that LOVE is a powerful tool when used correctly!

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It’s human nature to second guess everything…. To ask is the grass greener on the other side? The real question is why isn’t the grass bright green on your side? The grass always starts our bright and green…. but then as life happens and we tend to focus on other things and we don’t give it enough attention… Your relationship needs attention every day! Your partner in life needs attention every day! Your partner needs your gift of love everyday. Your partner in life needs your respect and honesty every day.


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