Spring Break!

We are about to embark on our 18 our trip to Florida later on this evenning. I am very excited for vacation. As this will be our last vacation as a 4 person family. 🙂 So we thought it was important that we make an effort to do something super fun.  As life will be changing in about 12 weeks for all of us.  Last year we drove my car Phil (aka a Cobalt) It was packed to the rim.  This year we will be taking the Hylander with the third row down.  The middle seats do recline for the kds so that should be good for them. The back is filled with bag after bag, a couple chairs, a huge umbrella, a body board, oh and the hudmdifier from our bedroom because I am now unable to sleep without this sound (I used to sleep in silence).

At anyrate we are at 27 weeks pregnant and Baby Chandler Price is doing excellent. Infact I just got off the phone with the doctor and all of my bloodwork is normal (this as always makes me smile).  He is extremely active. Update on the pregnancy I am at 11 lbs weight gain, uterus is measuring at 26 centimeters (which doctor feels this is normal) I feel like I have gained about a hundred lbs. lol Everyday I notice that it is a little bigger. I find myself saying I just don’t know how I can get any bigger and everyday sure enough it happens.  but I am anxious for this drive. I am sure we will make it just fine.

We are planning on stopping in Gatlinburg to take a break from drivinng and do a little sight seeing so I am sure that will be excellent!

I will update with the vacation later 🙂

Also, I am so excited about all of the poitive feedback on ths blog! It’s crazy to me.

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