30 weeks – a little of this and that

First of all vacation was brilliantly relaxing. The ride down was not at all fun there was  a lot of puking, but no swelling so silver lining 🙂 The weather was nice and we didn’t run into much traffic on the way down. The kids were great. Watched movies, drew picures, and slept. 🙂 We stopped and stayed in Valdosta, Georgia and got up Sunday morning and headed to St. Pete.  The sun was shining bright and the closer we go the warmer it got. The sand was white, and felt like baby powder, the ocean was big and inviting (a little cold), the palm trees were beautiful, and the people were welcoming. All in all the days went by quick and relaxing.  The kids swam in the pool, and used boogie boards in the ocean, I watched the waves, took walks, took naps, and visited. Josh played washers, horse shoes, vollyball, walked, naped and collected shells with me. We had such a nice time.  We contemplated not going, but decided that we should.  I am so glad we did because that was our last vacation as a four person family.

Oh yeah, while on vacaton I burned… This is a crazy big deal because it never happens. Obviously my skin is changing due to the pregnancy.

Baby Chandler is now at 30 weeks and is doing Great.  He is so active, and my excitement for his arrival is growing day by day.  It was nice while on vacation I went 3 days without puking (this was AMAZING).  It was nice to swim in the ocean and pool.  Doing that really took the pressure off of my back and lady parts. My belly grows a little bigger every day, my back hurts a little more every day.  I think my mound of pillows on the bed grows a little bigger as well. 🙂

Baby Shower – The baby shower took place on Sat. it was so much fun.  Very small and quaint, but so original.  Terri and Theresa my nieces arranged the whole thing and they really put a lot of effort and time into it.  The food consisted of shreaded chicken sand. homemade mac n cheese, along with a vegetable and fruit tray.  So yummy!! 🙂 Baby Chandler got so much sweet stuff.  We are feeling very thankful for the people that we have in our lives.  I have a girlfriend that is a couple days behind me in the pregnancy and another friend that is 2 weeks behind.  So, it was sweet to see the super cute baby bumps that they have. The games were so fun.  They made a Jeopardy game board that had categories: Gone Wild – this was pictures of baby animals that needed named, Lullibys- You had to sing the whole song, What does Josh (aka dad) know – This was answers to questions that were asked to Josh prior to the day, Scramble – this consisted of scrambled up baby words, and Sharades – This was things that had to do with baby that had to be acted out… There were 2 teams. 🙂 So much fun!! Then they measured my belly.  They also made a blanket that will be hung on the wall and each person drew a different picture in each square with puffy paint! It was so sweet and it will look so sweet when we hang it up. 😉

Oh by the way one of the lullibys were Little Boy Blue ( I sang Cats in the craddle with a silver spoon) apparenty this is not a lulliby lol.  After the baby shower shinangans a few of us hung out and played Phase 10. I love card parties.

10 more weeks to go and this sweet boy will be planning his arrival. I feel like things are coming together and it’s so calming.  Jogging stroller is ordered, Toilet sprayer (diaper cleaner) is on the way, Baby Bullet and steamer is ordered.  Pack n Plays, swing, bouncie seat, along with cloth diapers, clothes hamper, sling, carseat cover, and breast pump along with breast pads, and sauves all purchased… A little at a time we are getting closer! 🙂

Ashleys Track season is underway and she placed first in all of her events at her first meet!! (she is a sort of Rockstar!) She is off to her second meet tonight 😉

Jacob has had 1 practice for baseball and he is getting super excited.  Our weeks are now very busy consisting of the kids sports and weekend events such as a couple of my nieces are going to prom with in the next few weeks ( I am doing both of thier hair) So sweet that they want me to do that. Oh and our garden is coming a long.  The grass is dying quick and soon it will be the time to till and start planting.

So much going on 🙂 Mood: Blessed!!







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