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Lately it’s like I can’t find the words to even explain what I am thinking or feeling – Here I am sitting in this coffee shop – watching my sweet boys play a marble game, listening to Mom’s chat about how they can help other kiddos, and watching as the barista works hard to complete the orders… The music is weird and the atmosphere is completely eclectic, a place that you feel like you can just come as you are… This is what I love about small coffee shops – they have that strange yet comfy feeling.
Today though – a lady seated behind me with her computer apparently waiting for a friend – Here comes the friend (home computer in tote) just kidding it was just a really large laptop. At any rate as she walks up to the table – she was talking to her friend about a group of women she saw on her way back to where she was, “Oh, they must be with MOPS or something and her friend says that she was wanting to try that out… I overheard the conversation and decided to chime in, “I said oh actually I think it’s a PTO thing… The friend that had been sitting there smiled and said oh that makes sense… Then the friend that brought her home computer to the coffee shop starts to pack it up and says let’s move- as she gives me a look that could have gouged my eyes out!
They moved, but not just a couple of tables – they moved to the front of the coffee shop!

How shitty!! I am sorry women, but this is the problem! Why do some of us have to act like little high school bitches!~ Like oh your not good enough to talk to me! Ugh

Don’t worry I have another one for you!

Last Friday I take Chan to gymnastics – we ended up getting there 2 minutes late, but lets face it it’s a homeschool gymnastics class with 4 kids- Any way we run in there mind you I have like 3 bags 3 water bottles oh and a coffee in my hands…
We walk in the door and I start laughing because the instructor is my friend and she looks at me like this is totally you! I say quickly, “oh you know us, flying by the seat of our pants” and I laugh because let’s face it it was funny! The other 3 mom’s look over at me with the most grimmess looks on each of them! OH my goodness – I whisper under my breath – “Tough CROWD”

It’s these moments that absolutely drive me crazy!! Get the hell over yourself – Kudos to you if you have never been late to a class! Kudos to you if you have never ease-dropped on a conversation! Kudos to you if you have never take a screaming child to the store! Kudos to you if your kid has never ripped your face off! Kudos to you if your teenager has never told outlandish lies about you! Kudos to you if you don’t have any dirty dishes in your sink! Kudos to you if your home is completely in order all the time!!!

Understand this!! Just because I am not as together as you make yourself out to be doesn’t make you better or worse than me or anyone else!! We as women should be building each other up. We are not in highschool! Clicks are over! Where you bought your shoes I don’t care! How much your house cost or your car!! I don’t care! These things do not determine your worth or my worth! As a Mom, we are all just doing what we are doing! Stop breaking women down! Stop!

I had a Mom at my CHURCH ask how old my daughter was, when I explained that HE was 5 at the time- She then POINTED to him to all of him and looked me in my face and said oh well, how could I ever tell!! This my friends was at CHURCH!! Then a week later we saw her and her kids at the library and she didn’t let her son play with my son- like as if he was going to give him the sudden urge to wear purple clothes or some shit!!

This post has a few cuss words and GUESS WHAT – SORRY NOT SORRY!!

I am pissed! As a women what is wrong with you that you don’t want to see other women succeed! We are just doing what we can do! We don’t need to broken down by other women! If you see a women and her life is in shambles do NOT judge her offer a helping hand – If you see a women give her baby away do not judge her thank her for making a selfless act! If you see a women in a broken relationship understand that she probably feels broken – like really broken she doesn’t need your criticism! If you see a woman with a screaming kid at the grocery- I ASSURE you she doesn’t need your nasty looks or words!! She is already feeling DEFEATED!! If you see a woman that looks like she just rolled out of bed do not look down on her for that! SHIT- maybe she was up all night with a sick kid! Maybe she is sick, but still has to do like because other people depend on her! If you see a working mom do NOT mom shame her!! For goodness sake!!! If you see a SAHM – DO not ASSUME that you can ask her when she is going back to work! If you see a woman that looks pregnant do NOT just touch her belly! Do not ask her how far along she is! Do not ask a woman that gave birth when she’s having more and for the love of everything holy do not ask a woman who has a few kids if she’s done having them! WHY WHY WHY do people think they have any right to ask any of these questions!

Do not judge me when you see me walking down the isle and my son is wearing purple everything! Do not judge me when you see me strolling in a couple minutes late to an appt! Do not think that you know a damn thing about me!

My people are the misfits! My people are the people that can own up to a mistake! My people are the ones that look in the mirror and see that we all need a little help and encouragement! My people that are the ones that aknowledge that NONE of us know what the hell we are doing! My people are the ones that can appreciate that teenagers are little dicks sometimes and it’s not because I did something wrong…. My people are the ones that leave the house in a ball cap because ain’t no one got time for hair and makeup some days, my people are the ones that can laugh at ourselves because we know we have NOTHING figured out! My people are the ones that can look at another woman and say, “I see you!! I hear you!! I love you!!

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2 comments on “Sorry NOT Sorry

  • November 6, 2019 at 6:28 am

    True words. There is to much criticism in this world. Mature people accept and even praise differences. Differences softens our world up. I hope, Chrissy, that you continue to feel confident in yourself and that you will keep up the good work with Chandler. He needs a mother like you that is willing to let him develop his own personality and appearance, even if he wears hair bows, skirts and dresses. You are a loving mom, and Chandler is going to thank you for that! The world should learn from you!

  • November 14, 2019 at 3:43 pm
    Chrissy Hise

    Thank you! Such a breath of fresh air! Each of our children are there own people. Our 15 year old son loves Football and baseball, and our 19 year old daughter loves everything hippy related 🙂 They are all so beautiful!

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