The Cliff

Today is the day that the Lord has made. Psalm 118:24. I love this verse and all it stands for- The truth that it holds and it’s ability to bring us back from the cliff. You know the cliffs that we are stand on- the cliff of uncertainty, frustration, sadness, the feeling of losing control, the emphamis Why questions that we all so wonderfully ask… The cliff of losing people close to us- This is the cliff that we are all standing together on as a community! This my friends is a cliff that is daunting – It’s terrifying, it’s maddening, and it’s one that we can and probably won’t understand, but just for a moment while we are standing on this cliff… One person steps up and reminds us, “Today is the day that the Lord has made! Psalm 118:24”

In that moment, a bright shining rainbow appears, we for a moment can smile because we realize that we are all so blessed! In that moment a flood of memories and moments appear, and it’s almost as if they happened yesterday, but in reality it was 20 plus years ago.

The loss of Schlemmer – is one that our community will feel and continue to feel as we all should because he was/is/and will be a reminder to us all how important it is to live your best life. He treated everyone with respect… As a student to feel seen and heard by a teacher, there isn’t anything sweeter than that! I didn’t have Schlemmer as a coach, but my locker was right across from his room all four years and everyday he made an effort to razz me about something, but more importantly if I was having a bad day he would ask the question….

So many times he would ask me to come out for cross country- my response was always the same, I would laugh and shake my head, and tell him that I would stick with cheer. 🙂 I knew my limits and running was nowhere on my realm of possibilities, but every time he would respond the same, “Everybody can run”
Well, a decade plus some and I agree with him! Everyone can run!

My heart breaks for our community because there are so many students and people that will never get to experience his awesome first hand…

Then as the comments are flooding in with memories and moments – the one thing that holds true is Schlemmer took time to see us! He took time to hear us! He definitely loved us! That my friends is something in itself.

Schlemmer wore lots of hats as most of us do, but he wore them in such a way that you didn’t realize how many – He made it look easy!

Son, Husband, Dad, Brother, Teacher, Coach, Friend, Mentor, and so many others.

Schlemmer will be a tough act to follow- Let’s all try and be a little more like Schlemmer. Let’s take time to see, hear, and love people! All people! Not just people in our circles.

To the Schlemmer family – Thank you! Thank you for sharing your husband and Dad with us so selflessly! We as a community pray that you feel the love and support from us and know that you are not alone!

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