Happy Birthday Buddy 13!!

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Jacob today you turn 13~ I can’t even believe that 13 years have passed by so quick! To think that my little baby pie is now a teenager! Wow! I am so proud of the young boy that you are! You have such a giving heart! You are funny and fun to be around! You are strong and dedicated! You are very wise beyond your years! You are so handsome and sweet! I sometimes look at you and think “my oh my how did we get here!” Then I am reminded that we had/have a village! A village of absolutely AMAZING people looking out for us! An Amazing village hand picked by God himself to ensure that we would make it. I look back at you as a baby, toddler, little boy, and now…. I am reminded of how easy going you were even as a tiny tike! How willing you were and are to just go with the flow! How able you are to just take whatever life throws at you and just keep going. I am absolutely in awww of how you are able to see people for what they are… The fact that you don’t put unrealistic expectations on people is just mind blowing… It’s something I am still trying to figure out… I love how you can just go anywhere and make a friend, I love that you aren’t scared to try new things and even when you don’t make it you just try again. You have a beautiful sense of self that most people don’t get until much later in life. Basically Thank you for being you! 

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Jacob my 13 Prayers for you:

  1. I pray that you keep your sense of humor
  2. I pray that you DON’T lose your sense of self
  3. I pray that you continue to grab each day by the horns
  4. I pray that you keep your participation pants on
  5. I pray that you continue to make each day at Great day
  6. I pray that you never give up
  7. I pray that you embrace each day
  8. I pray that you continue to make friends (they will stay with you and make your life better)
  9. I pray that you always know that you are loved completely
  10. I pray that you try new things
  11. I pray that you know that this world is your play ground and you should go and play
  12. I pray that you pray!
  13. I pray that you continue to build your relationship with the Lord 

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Thank you for being such a shinning light in our family! Thank you for taking the “middle kid” syndrome with such grace! Thank you for taking each day with such strides and not letting the trials and tribulations that you have been though determine who you are. Always remember that life isn’t determined by what we go through instead what we do with what we go though. 🙂 Keep your big beautiful smile buddy! Don’t be a heart breaker 

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