Hair cut for Jacob

So, lastnight I decide that Jacob needs his hair shaped.  He is on this kick of wanting to grow it out so I decided that he needed to get it shaped around his face and ears. He was rocking the bigginning stages of a mulet… I am not a fan of this type of look. I took him to Great Clips thinking it will cost me about oh 12 dollars… All they need to do is trim a few spots. The guy was super nice, he cuts the hair it takes a whole 10 min. if that.  I get to the register $32.00…. I am pretty sure I had a heart attack.  I was having one of those out of body experiences where in a movie everything slows down… I mean seriously we are talking about Great Clips they don’t even shampoo the hair. The guy says well we will see you in 4-6 weeks… My response: I will start saving now.  Have a Great Day! I was absolutely mind boggled. Crazy.

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