Today is my friend Alyssa’s birthday so me being an Amazing friend… I say let’s go for breakfast.  Well, baby Johnson clearly had different plans.  So, we venture to the little diner in Albion and I order 1/2 biscuit and gravy with one over easy egg and 2 pieces of bacon. Everything tastes great and goes down well. We pay and exit the premises, walking to the car in mid sentence projective vomitting happens. Here’s your sign.  Alyssa’s response: Do you think they give refunds… Rediculous.

I keep telling myself this, the baby clearly is looking out.  He is taking what he needs and getting rid of what my body does not need.  He is trying to help me maintain body weight. ha at 22 weeks 4 days he is already pretty Amazing. That’s the conclusion.

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Chrissy Hise

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