Us as a whole

Things I have learned about being a Mother

Mothering (loving a child, taking care of a child, being there for a child, disciplining a child) is the single hardest and most Amazing job ever! There are days you will feel on top of the world! Like you conquered it! Then there are those days where you feel like the biggest failure on the

Find It ;)

Thinking about seasons we tend to say there are four seasons for the year… Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. There are positives to each and beauty in each, but there is also negative and ugly in each. It wasn’t until recently that I started really thinking of seasons in a different manner. Seasons are just

My testimony

I was blessed to get to experience another powerful message this morning that touched my heart and really brought perspective and understanding… This isn’t to say that I completely understand or that I have complete perspective… This morning Pastor Jeff talked about gifts this morning, he talked about how God has blessed us each with

What do I do all day?

  6:20 am the alarm is going off…. Ahhhh Up! I’m up! I get my teeth brushed clothes put on, and in to the kitchen i hurry. Here, I make a quick shake and off we go (Ashley and I). I get her dropped off and back home I hurry, but I had to stop

Good Bye 2015

2015- What a fabulous year!! We as a family have undergone some huge changes! By changes I mean new adventures, new experiences, and we have just tried so much to embrace each day. We have made some big changes as a whole. We sold our Indiana home and we bought a new home with never

Our New Home!

We have been here in Florida for a little over a month and in our new home a little over 2 weeks. The palm trees are absolutely perfect and the sun is amazing! There are days when it’s a little warm, but I will take the heat over freezing cold any day of the week.

Pieces of Me

I think that raising kids without my mom and dad is so difficult. I wish so much that she was here to just give them a piece of her first hand. A piece of her hands on love. A piece of her sense of humor and amazing ability to cook everything and make it amazing.

Embracing Change

We are about to embark on an adventure! We are getting prepared for a move to Florida! (The sunshine state) We are so uber excited about this! Getting ready for it is a little stressful. We have been packing, cleaning, purging, and painting… Oh and more painting… It’s crazy, but the time is going by

A little view into 2015

Ashley is at Eagle Tech and has acclimated well to life as a high school student. She is auditing her classes for the next few weeks because of the fact that they are on trimesters. I think this is good for her because it gives her a chance to get to know the schedule and