Us as a whole

Fill My Jar

Creative Jars – What are Creative Jars? How can we create a jar that is unique? What does the perfect jar look like? This term if you will came to me the other night, there I was lying in bed, unable to sleep, with my mind racing. This is when I decided to do what

Happy Birthday Husband

Today I celebrate you! I am thankful to call you friend, partner, lover, and husband! I love your heart! I love your sense of humor! I love your strength and patience! I love your willingness to take such huge leaps of faith with me! I love that you love our Lord! I love that our

2017- it’s a wrap

2017- Another one for the books! We really took some chances and wheew did we have fun! During the year of 2017 we rang in the new year in our Cape Coral house with some awesome friends! The next couple of months would be spent celebrating Josh, Ashley, and Jacob! Those winter birthdays! The next

blessed with the gift of parenthood

This Christmas season has just been such a blessing- play dates, family dinners, cookies, and praising our Heavenly father. Sunday we woke up and went to Church- while there the pastor started talking about the birth of Baby Jesus and how it all came about. This is a story that I have heart about a

Thank you – 2017

In 2 days we get to celebrate one of the most amazing moments! The birth of our Christ and Savior, our Heavenly Father! We get to celebrate his birth- We are so blessed that he loved/loves us so much that he has enabled all that we have, where we are, and where we are going.

Stop, Listen, Slow down

Having moved away a couple of years ago from our home state has taught me and shown me a lot. I remember being back at home and how I just felt overwhelmed 99.99 percent of the time. I was constantly feeling stressed out and just lost because I felt like I should always be doing