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Thinking about seasons we tend to say there are four seasons for the year… Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. There are positives to each and beauty in each, but there is also negative and ugly in each. It wasn’t until recently that I started really thinking of seasons in a different manner. Seasons are just a a part of life. We are all in a season of life. It doesn’t matter what season you are in… Ya gotta “Find it” There is a positive light there! There is a reason to smile!

I have to break my life a part to think of about where I am at and what season each part of my life is in. I break it up with my personal self, motherhood, friendship, relationship, and spiritual. I do this because it helps me to bring a little balance. There is no way that I can just throw it all in one bucket and hope for the best or even concentrate on these aspects all at one time. I would for sure be wearing a pink straight jacket (yesterday). πŸ™‚


Personally I think of that as housing my goals and aspirations that I have. Things that I do because I want to better myself as a person. Things that focus on me and not my family… I mean I guess that every thing I do kind of has to do with my family and really does include them, however, sometimes I need things to focus on that remind me that I am more than just a Mom. (Being a Mom is wonderful don’t get me wrong), but there are days that I need that “self” feeling. I often times will tell my kids, “I was a fun person! hahah”
Personally I am in a great season! I think of this as a “Spring” season because Spring is beautiful and hopeful. Things are blooming and there is just a sense of fresh! I feel proud of myself. I am at a point in my life where I follow through. I try so hard to finish things that I start. I am excited about ventures that I have going on. I am excited for how far I have come as far as personal growth… Being able to believe in myself. I truly believe that I am able to finish things now because my relationship with Jesus is feeling so much more intact than before. Another reason is because I have a supportive partner that actually believes in my. It’s really funny everyone tells you to surround yourself with positive people, surround yourself with people doing more than you are… It’s very true! If you allow yourself to be with a partner in life that brings you down the climb upward will feel impossible!


Motherhood: I would compare where I am at as a mother to a “Winter” season… I say this because Winter is beautiful, but it’s hard. It gets very cold and people Β tend to get in a rut. I say this because I feel like there are always beautiful moments to being a Mom! Lately, it has been a struggle with our biggs… They are testing the waters and it makes it a little difficult to feel “sunshine and butterflies” Having said that it feels a little more like frost bite. Maybe we had a few ice storms. That’s okay. We have beautiful days in between the ice storms and when those days happen. They make the storms a little easier to handle. Our toddler he is just 3. This means that he knows everything, and he wants to be big, but at the same time he wants to be a baby. It’s a very confusing time for all 3 of them. (This makes it a very confusing time for me. I pray every day for my kids. I also pray for me… I pray that God will keep them safe! That he will help them to feel unconditional love all around them! I pray that they will be able to make great decisions in the hard moments. I pray for my self that I will be able to be patient, and loving! (This doesn’t always happen… I wish I could say that I am patient and completely loving 100 percent of the time…. But the truth is sometimes they get tough love. All I know is that Motherhood can only be taken one day at a time. Today has been a good day! Today is one of those days that I think to myself… My biggs are going to be great people, and Chandler is heading in the right direction. πŸ™‚

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Friendship… I feel good about my friendships. “Summer” is where I am at… I love summer! I am proud of myself that I have been able to venture outside my comfort zone and make a couple of friends here in Florida. (this is huge) took my almost an entire year to be emotionally ready to step outside my comfort. I am missing my Indiana friends for sure! I love that we live in a time of technology! I love being able to facetime with friends and family and actually see and be a part of every ones lives. I am just thankful that God has given me such a fabulous group of people to surround myself with. πŸ™‚


Relationship: “Spring” I feel very confident with where we are! It’s wonderful to have a partner that just loves! His love isn’t always deserved that’s for sure. I am thankful that God has given me this man that loves with his whole heart! He is patient and understanding! He is supportive. Most importantly he is a God loving man! He is funny and real. I can honestly say that he is my best friend. He is on board most of the time with my crazy ideas. He works hard for our family. He is a great Dad… I am thankful that our kids get to have him as a role model. Gives me hope that they will be Great people. We aren’t always in a Spring season that’s for sure! We are, however, always in a “choosing” season. We choose each other everyday. I pray for our love every day. I pray for him to love me everyday. I pray for me to be able to love him completely everyday. πŸ™‚

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Spiritually- I am in a “Learning Fall” season… I say this because I feel so close to God and it is great, but there are many things that I need to work on… I need to learn to tell myself more positiveness on the inside. It’s easy to talk positive on the outside, but in the silence it’s hard to really have a clean heart… I am working on it and I know that I can get there with hard work and prayer. I know that I have a Good Good Father! I know that he’s not going to leave me. I just need to keep taking steps in the right direction and I will get there! I am going to enjoy this walk because I know it’s going to be beautiful…

Overall I search for positives! Doing that helps me to get through the day! Doing that helps to drown out the negatives that we tend to tell ourselves. Really at the end of the day we really are in charge of how we deal with the things that we are going though.. You have a choice to embrace it and find the good… I promise there is good! Somewhere somehow there is good!! We just tend to put our blinders on and only see the bad… A lot of times we get stuck in the “Ruts” of the “seasons” DO NOT DO THAT!!

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