Stop, Listen, Slow down

Having moved away a couple of years ago from our home state has taught me and shown me a lot. I remember being back at home and how I just felt overwhelmed 99.99 percent of the time. I was constantly feeling stressed out and just lost because I felt like I should always be doing something… Now, that we have moved away and living in a different setting and a different place, things are just different. When we go back to visit or talk to friends on the phone every one is always “so busy” with day to day that I catch myself thinking, “Stop, Listen, Slow Down!

Maybe it’s because we moved to a couple of good vacation spots… We were those people that would plan for an entire year our “one vacation” a year. Spend the rest of the year kind of pissed off at the world because it was too cold or too rainy or too whatever… WHY!! We are learning to embrace the rain, embrace the sunshine, embrace the cold, embrace our day to days. Why spend a year in anticipation of that one vacation! Why not make each day feel like a vacation? Why not choose to have a little fun and just be!

Once we learn that our home can and should feel like a vacation life will just feel so much better! Maybe your home is close to an ice cream shop? Maybe your home is close or on a lake, maybe you have a pool, maybe you are by an awesome park, may be you are a short drive from some awesome trails… The point is that if we can learn to embrace our surroundings you can start to feel good about your space. If you can’t then stop complaining and move, the choice is yours! That trip to the grocery doesn’t have to feel like such a nightmare if you take your eyes off of your phone and take it all in. Choose to go to a grocery store that has a coffee shop and get a coffee while you shop, get a Sam’s club membership and stop and have a pretzel date. It costs basically nothing and makes everyone happy! Stop being in such a rush! Listen to that lady in the checkout line! Slow Down!

We are given a single life, filled with single moments, that emulate millions of emotions! Choose to live it in a way that feels more like a vacation. Change the cycle or mindset that has been drilled in your head from day one. I promise having lived in 3 different states, and multiple different locations. Life isn’t meant to feel miserable. It really isn’t normal to wake up and be mad 99.99 percent of the days.

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Chrissy Hise

Chrissy Hise

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2 comments on “Stop, Listen, Slow down

  • November 15, 2017 at 6:32 pm

    This resonated deeply Chrissy x I have many of the same thoughts of, “Why so busy?!” I just finished my first ever online home retreat, encouraging women (and families) to shift their perspective of “needing a vacation”.
    Love what you’re doing here! Keep it up!!

  • November 16, 2017 at 12:44 am
    Chrissy Hise

    Thank you so much for taking time to read- It means a lot!
    What is an online home retreat- It sounds really awesome!
    This is a constant battle for me as well. I have a tendency to wear a lot of hats because that’s easier than actually tackling what needs to be tackled.

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