You are worth it

What is beautiful? What is perfect? When will you feel like you are enough?

These questions haunt all of us, they are in the back of our minds… Whether we are talking about our bodies, our hair, our faces, our actions, and everything in between. We are always questioning the reflection that we see in the mirror. That reflection is sometimes misconstrued because of the way we talk to ourselves.

The image in the mirror is what you allow yourself to see, not what everyone else sees. We are constantly filling our own heads with such ugly talk… and well it’s a proven fact that once we hear something so long we start to believe it… For instance surround your self with positive people and you will start to be more positive… Well, the same is true for the opposite. This is true with the way we talk to ourselves. We are constantly telling ourselves that we are fat, we are ugly, our hair isn’t long enough, our teeth aren’t straight enough, our butt is too big, our thighs are huge, our stomachs are gross… If we could just tone and tighten, if we could just lose the weight, if we could just grow our hair out, if we could just …… ect

This talk starts to fill our heads, hearts, and bodies with such negative not true thoughts. It’s no wonder you’re feeling down about yourself, it’s no wonder you feel like you don’t have energy, it’s no wonder that you want to just sleep the days away, or that you are jut not good enough…

Start talking to yourself the way you talk to your best friend! Start talking to yourself the way you talk to your daughters and sons, start talking to yourself the way you talk to complete strangers. Start filling your hearts, heads, and entire bodies with positive truths about you! After all there is no better you out there! Start choosing to see yourself the way your partner sees you! Start choosing to see the way your children see you! Remember how STRONG your body is! Remember how AWESOME your body is! Remember all the CRAZY AMAZING things you have been able to experience with the body that you have! Once you allow yourself to Embrace the body you are given you will see an increase in energy! Increase in feeling good, and just an all around happy feeling!

Each day is a gift, each moment with the ones you love is a gift, and every moment that you get to experience is truly a gift! Unwrap your gift with love and patience. Treat yourself as a gift because that’s what you are to the people around you. A lot of times we spend so much time taking care of everyone around us and we forget to take care of ourselves… We tend to put ourselves at a lower importance level than those around us… When in reality everyone in our lives believes that each of us is a gift… That being said choose to take time for you so that you can take care of the ones you love and so that they get to experience you. I know this is a crazy way to look at things, but it’s true. Plus if your children and friends see you choosing to take great care of the body, mind, and soul that you are given they will want to follow suit. Let’s be honest people follow what we do. Show them how important you are! Show them how important they are! Show them how to embrace the life you are living! Show them how to embrace the body that they have.

We are given this one life choose to love your body, choose to take care of your body, choose to feed your mind and soul with words of encouragement and love! Choose to embrace the awesome that the people in your lives can see in you! Choose to be secure and strong for yourself and the people around you! Choose to put on a swimsuit and swim with your children! Choose to dance the night away! Choose to be the life of the party because you are perfect in your own skin!

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