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6:20 am the alarm is going off…. Ahhhh Up! I’m up! I get my teeth brushed clothes put on, and in to the kitchen i hurry. Here, I make a quick shake and off we go (Ashley and I). I get her dropped off and back home I hurry, but I had to stop at the gas station because the gas light was on… Okay on to the next activity. I get a load of laundry about to be started and I hear, “Mama, you get me up PEEEEEESE? I hurry in and realize that his sheets are all wet (thankfully I haven’t started the wash yet) Get Chan undressed, his bed undressed, and he is sure to let me know that he is cold so very cold mama. In the midst of this Jacob is up… I hear Mom, can you make me some eggs this morning? I give him a look and he is sure to remind me that he has been so good and his grades are so good and he deserves these eggs. Just so everyone is aware it’s only like 7:10 at this point. I get Chan cleaned up, and clothes on him he is on the couch with tablet and headphones. (He likes to have his time in the mornings…  I start the laundry, and get Jacob’s eggs all ready. Get everything cleaned up and in chimes Chan, “Mama, I have eggy too?” Sure sweet boy… Eggs for everyone. Now, I get the floors swept (we have tile throughout and a dog that sheds crazy). I get the toilets cleaned (this happens every day). I get a back packed for Chan because we have a morning planned. I unload and reload the dishwasher, take out the trash and recycles, and while outside I notice a couple of pesky weeds… They get pulled! Back in the house, Chan needs to go potty. Hurry we have to hurry. #MissionAccomplished! I hear the sound of the washer and switch out the clothes. I add in the whites and get them started. I realize we have to leave in 10 minutes and I still haven’t done anything to my face… (this is a problem) I quickly put my eyes in and get my face as presentable as I can. I grab all of our stuff and out the door we go.  We drop Jacob off to school.

9:15 am- We head to Publix because they are having some pretty awesome deals. The grocery trip takes about an hour and 30 minutes. They have a race car cart and we are sure to get that one. Chan likes to drive it and he likes to know what direction we are going… While I am trying to look at adds and prices and coupons I am saying Left, Right, straight, red light, we rush to the restroom 2 times and Chan uses it like a champ back at it we go. Finally we got the 12 items that we went there for. We get home and I get things unloaded and put away. It’s about 11:20 now. Chans activity is painting. I get the paint out and we paint to his little hearts content (shells, cars, and trucks… really whatever he feels like painting).

12:00 – Lunch time for Chan… TV goes on and he get’s his food. I quickly get changed in to my workout clothes so that Josh and I can get our 25 minute workout on! all in all it’s more like 45 minutes with getting ready, doing the workout, and getting cleaned up, and making our protein shake. It’s now a little after 1… Chan is down for his nap. I am able to make my lunch. Once lunch is done, I am quick to clean it up. It’s about 2 at this point and I take about 30 minutes to myself because I am physically and mentally drained.

2:30- It’s time for me to get dinner started, get bags packed, and water bottles filled. We have a game tonight…. I leave the house at 3:20, Ashley needs picked up at 3:30 from practice. I run to the store because I forgot a couple of things… Get to Jacob’s school and get him at 3:50. We head home. Eat some food and the kids get changed. We have to be at the field by 5:30. Chan wakes up at 4:30. This gives me time to get dinner cleaned up and get my clothes changed, and get Chan around.

Finally we are able to leave the house at 5:15. Arrive at the field and it’s game time until about 9. Get the bags unpacked, get Chan ready for bed (he gets to watch his tablet for 5 minutes and it’s off to bed for him. The biggs get homework started, and I get another load of laundry started and get the whites into the dryer.

Finally it’s about 10:30 and I sit down on the couch to veg… The buzzer goes off and I get the laundry folded and it’s about 11:30-12:00, and I am finally ready for bed.



The rest of the week looks very familiar to this schedule… I did make a grocery trip about 4 times this week, we made a library appearance and got some beach time in. (beach time with a toddler is not the same as adult beach time) Tuesday evening Ashley had a choir concert, Wed evening Jacob had another game, and Ashley had awards (we had to divide and conquer) Thursday Jacob had practice… Today we finally get an evening to just stay home… Tomorrow morning we will be up and out of the house by 6:00 am to head to Ashley’s Best Raider meet.

Oh and today was a day that I went back and forth to the schools 6 times a long with a trip to the grocery…


These kids absorb me… It’s really a beautiful thing. Some days though I get a little overwhelmed and I feel unimportant. Josh is there to bring me back to reality and reminds me all the time how important what I do is. There is going to come a time very soon that our biggs will be out on there own and they won’t need me… I am going to soak them up. I am going to try and embrace these crazy days. I am going to find peace in what I am doing. I am going to take care of them because no matter how big they get they are still my kids.

At the end of the day we all work very hard for our families. We are all doing what we think is right and we are all screwing our kids up a little bit, but I believe with God on our side we are going to be alright. Next time your at the grocery and there is a mom struggling with her littles or maybe she just looks tired… offer a kind word… If her kids are running around crazy instead of judging try think maybe it’s just one of those days… Give her a smile and let her know that it’s okay… We have all been there.

Spread a little love and encouragement.


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