I do not disagree or agree with these statements- I will say that my mindset has changed I am in a different place – emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, and experiences have been different.

I’m sure this post will strike a nerve with some of you and that’s okay- It’s healthy and normal to have disagreeing points as long as each party is able to stop for a second and actually listen-

I know there has been a lot of controversy with different athletes not standing or placing hand over heart for the National Anthem and how it is not okay and a completely awful disrespect to our country and the countrymen and women that have fought.

Growing up I didn’t really look at color or race I just saw people and so in my mind racism wasn’t “real” because it just seemed foreign to me that someone would really judge based on race or skin color or sexual orientation, then as the years went by I became more and more aware of the awfulness of some people and there thoughts of others because they were different. I didn’t really experience this first hand, but I remember writing a persuasive speech to legalize gay marriage as a freshman in high school. This was back in 1999-2000 – so a few years ago. I remember my teacher pulling me aside after giving the speech and she said something along the lines that I followed all the criteria, but maybe next time I should reevaluate my topic.

Any rate- I think it’s very easy for someone like me (middle class, white, American) who has really never been a victim or noticed being a victim… That means I have never been excluded because of my sexual orientation or my skin color or my hair color or ethnicity-

It became personal to me when our daughter came out as a lesbian and the comments flew- Aren’t you Christian? Aren’t you scared she’s going to hell? How do you feel about that? How it being unnatural and not right and bla bla bla – Then the fact that the laws basically said hey if you are different from the “normal” don’t plan on getting married- :/ This struck a chord.

Have the laws changed yes, are things getting a little better? maybe?

Now, we have a sweet 6 year, who is gender – nonconforming, this means that he knows that he is a “boy”, but he likes most things all “girls” This sweet child definitely walks to the beat of his own drum as he should, but the ridicule that we have faced for years regarding his clothing choices, toy choices, and the friends we have lost- It’s disgusting!

Experiencing this first hand has really changed my mind- I know a lot of people will say something along the lines of just don’t give it attention that a lot of people bring all of this stuff up and it just makes it worse- I am sorry that you feel that way, but if it isn’t brought up how will it change?? So many people are saying bring religion back to school and I don’t disagree, but just so we are on the same page- Religion was in school’s when segregation was legal. We as a country said that people couldn’t get married because of different skin colors – Then we as a country said you can’t marry the same sex based on religion… in fact our country has a made a lot of laws and rules and judgements based on “religion” This means that maybe just maybe we need to reevaluate excluding people for being different because that is not my idea of religion! At least not Christianity!

So, I get where these athletes are coming from! I understand the frustration of not feeling heard, not feeling accepted, and not feeling loved! But yet we are we all supposed to just love the country that we live in because ????????? What because the laws support everyone? Are people supposed to love the country that suppressed them for so long and continue to suppress them? If you think for one second that it doesn’t happen I promise it does- we were at Cedar Point less than a year ago and I watched as the people at the gate let person after person go through without opening bags and then it was our turn and I had 3 bags – None of them got checked…. A couple of young black boys behind me had small cinch sacks and they got stopped and had to show the contents of the bags and then get patted down – Tell me that wasn’t racial profiling???

We all need to understand that when someone doesn’t stand for the National Anthem that isn’t anything against the men and women that have fought for our country- The men and women that fight for our country didn’t fight for the national anthem, they fought and continue to fight for freedom – freedom isn’t the national anthem.

Plus, when we have a president that bully’s people and belittles people – how are these people supposed to be seen or heard???? without doing something drastic! They have to make a stance-

Our country has a long long way to go- Our country has to give respect to it’s people all of it’s people! Our country and law makers have to set an example of treating people with respect! Our law makers have to stop bashing other candidates! Our law makers have to start seeing people and hearing people and loving people! Our country can’t just expect that everyone should respect it- respect is earned!

Another big topic – citizenship Everyone wants to say well, do it the right way!! What does that mean? I know someone right now that has paid thousands of dollars had multiple lawyers trying to become legal – Again until you understand that process please don’t make assumptions like you can just walk in to a place a become legal! People are people! We should not be allowing people to live in cages because they tried to cross the boarder! There has to be a better way! Just because we were born here doesn’t make us better or worse! WE ARE ALL PEOPLE!!

Please for the love stop judging abortion- stop saying that women are using it as a birth control! Please have a conversation with a woman and try and understand- Stop holding your damn picket signs! That does not make you a CHRISTIAN! Stop bashing people on social media!

Until you have walked the footsteps of someone that doesn’t look or act the way that people want them too please understand you don’t understand what that feels like!

Please understand that just because you are friends with someone of a different culture or race or that has a sexual orientation – you still do not fully understand what they go through.

Try for a moment and understand where they are coming from and why they are doing it- stop taking it so personal… They are not disregarding the hard work and dedication of our country men and women that have fought for this country.

Stop using social media as a platform to promote hate! Stop being a keyboard warrior judging everything you do not know or try to know!

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