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Well, my brilliant mind was at work today. I decide it’s a good idea for me and the kids to go and run some errands. Well, the thing about this is I also decide I will wear jeans (BTW this is rare for me at this time) Anyway, we all get ready and head to the Fort.  We go to Once Upon A Child because I want to check stroller/carseat prices (I was not impressed), however Ashley finds a super cute dress, and Jacob finds a few shirts. We then head over to Dollar Tree for a few items (aka 36 items) Anyway, that’s fine. Oh also before we ventured to the stores we stopped at Steak N Shake (this ended well in a not so good way let’s just say my pink puke cup came in handy.) On to walmart we go.  We made a list and by the 2nd isle I realize that we are not even following the list and I just start laughing like a 13 year old girl that needs to go to sleep.  Mind you while this is happening I am holding my puke cup, Jacob is pushing the cart with Ashley on the end. I turn around to see them behaving a like a couple of kids would behave, however I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t ask them to stop… I just find myself saying, “I am going to kill them like really kill them as my laugh is still present this only causes me to gag… There is a lady in front of me giving me the evil eye.  I apparently looked like a psycho because I was walking by myself with a puke cup laughing saying I wanted to kill them. They knew this was bound to happen which is why they intentionally stayed so far back. They basically wanted to make me look like parent of the year. Anyway, the trip was a long one. Tell me why we get to the register and they have gotten like 5 boxes of pop-tarts, a gallon of blue kool-aide and I am sure a lot more items. I apparently had no idea what was going on. I just thought they were being so helpful.  I kept telling them how great they were, how helpful they were bla bla bla and they just giggled.  They are definitely a team… I had to go back in to get my receipt checked and during that time…. I come back out to the car they both have a can of mountain dew and an ice cream sand. Clearly that sounds absolutely disgusting…
Conclusion: I am going to embrace these moments because seriously, I laughed a lot… I mean I may end up grocery shopping by myself because they make it more expensive, but on occasion it’s needed. Then I go wait we will be throwing a baby in the mix very soon. Woah the thought makes me tire,  Oh wait that’s because I am creating a life right now… Talk about a special job. 🙂

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