The last three nights have been sleepless.  This is because of back pain, indigestion, skin stretching, and just the inability to get comfortable. I know that I souns like such a complainer and I am completely okay with that. I am pretty sure I sent a long time in the bath yesterday to try and relieve the pressure from my vagine (TMI… maybe) I also think it’s important to touch on the fact that I have hot flashes all the time as well. Oh and the hormones are causing my hair to basically fall out. Oh and I am crazy emotional and tend to want to just cry for any reason. Oh and puking has just become part of the daily routine. On to the postives… I can still fit into my size 5 skinny jeans, the baby is moving all the time (which is the best feeling ever!) I enjoy that my boobs are growing (even though you can’t tell becaus my uterus is growing more rapid) I still feel lost and scared a lot of the time. Labor is terrfying and I think about that often, I do think the idea of baby boy arriving is scary, but I also feel like once he does it will be hard to imagine what life was like before he was here… Still contemplating names my favorite is Jaxson which I am pretty sure I feel as though I should just make an executive decision to go with that! I still can’t believe that we are so close to 24 weeks…. The end seems so near and it was so far away at first… Crazy.

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