24 Weeks and counting

Doctor appointment @ 8:45 this morning, which went perfect. We get checked in, shortly thereafter they call us back… I leave a urine sample (everything looks good including blood pressure).  Step on the scale and  I am up to 139 up 4 lbs from the month before (this too is right on track 1 lb a week). Doctor comes in and she proceeds to ask me how I am feeling… I express my concerns with my lower back pain and a little tenderness below my belly button and pressure downstairs… She kind of looks at me goes over to computer and responds with a smashing grin “Well, it’s a little early for all of that at 24 week and sweety you have only gained like 6lbs all together.. Let me know if all of this persists and we will see how this goes. She did tell me I was looking Great (which I am sure she tells all her mom’s to be) 😉 Now, understand that I really like my doctor and I feel like she knows what she is talking about, but at that moment I just felt like crying because I may only be up 6 lbs or whatever, but my skin is stretched to the max and and I can’t fit any of my clothes… If you must know I have gone up 2 sizes in underware. I am embracing it.. I am a little concerned how my body will handle the next 16 weeks as I am supossed to gain another 16 lbsers…We shall see… 🙂 At any rate on to the important stuff Baby is doing Great and he is super active and his heart beat is the sweetest little sound.

I do feel so unbelievably blessed that we were chosen to parent this perfect little baby boy! I do think that he is probably the luckiest baby because he get’s to have the most handsome blue eyed big brother ever! (scares me a little) Plus the most beautiful big sister! Oh and the most Amazing dad a kid could ask for… Not to mention a pretty awesome Mom… Just saying… Plus all the other Amazing people that will surround him with so much love… Makes my heart so happy just to think about it.
I do not enjoy most aspects of pregnancy, but there are parts… 🙂 One day at a time “creating a life”

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