Productivity at it’s finest

I was awake at 5 this AM because I was sure that this sweet baby boy had dug a whole in my bladder and decided that he wanted to really make use of all the space he could. Really I can’t be upset about this… I am actually Amazed at how resourceful he is. At any rate I was comfy in bed until about 6 ish at that time got the other kids up for school.  This was commical because I enter Jacob’s room and he is sitting there stairing at the wall. (Creepy) I proceed to ask him what he is doing… his response the music woke me up… ha so apparently he was still half asleep.  Ashley was having a dance party in her dream because her music was just going.  I almost didn’t want to wake ker up because I mean let’s face it interrupting a dance party… is really not okay. They get ready and venture on the bus like sweet little angels that they are.  I run so fast (really not that fast, but you get the jist)  back to bed.  Lover tells me that I am going to sleep the day away…  I correct him and say I am not even tired…. Apparently I was so tired because I slept until 12.  This is a clear cut sign of a productive day.

They say you grow when you sleep and obviously this sweet baby boy is making strides in the growing section of his tests… (there are no tests, just my instinct).  He pretty much runs my life and well at this point if he says sleep… What’s a girl supposed to do…clearly I need to sleep.

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