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twisterThe kids found the game Twister at Goodwill (.50cents) and decide they want to get it.  So, of coarse I think this is a good idea because it means they won’t be using electronics and plus I had a good feeling that I would be entertained. They want to play and I choose to be the person that twists the twister.  We con Josh into playing. I just want everyone to know that if you want to laugh a lot… make the purchase of this game and make an adult game night. Anyway back to topic. Josh falls very soon after.  I am pretty sure I almost peed my pants. (Which I blamed on the fact tht I am creating a life) The kids decide it’s a good idea for me to take part in this game. I at first tell them that I used to be the champion at this game, really building myself up. Let me just tell you I don’t think anyone creating a life (aka being pregnant) should partake in such a game.  It is very hard to swing your legs where they need to go.  It is also very hard to entangle yourself the way it needs to be done.  Positive note I came in seond place and the kids and Josh got a good laugh as did I. So, I come to this conclusion… Great for kids, Great for adults, but not together because your kids will never let you live it down… just throwng it out there. Play with people with similar abilities… bahahahaha

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