Choose to embrace the broken

In life we go through good, bad, beautiful, ugly, breath taking, and crazy things. Each one of those things (experiences) will impact us in a way.

I heard a man say that God only gives us what we ask for… For instance if you ask for Patience, he will give you situations to be patient… If you ask for strength, he will give you situations to be strong… It really is so amazing to think about it in this way. I look back on my life and the situations that I have been through… There have been some really ugly moments and there have been some very amazing and beautiful moments, along with every emotion in between that. I have come to appreciate each moment for what it was. A moment that impacted me in this way.

I think about a mosaic piece of art work. I think that’s what life is: Everyone makes there own picture. Each moment is a broken piece of glass that gets glued to a huge canvas. Some of the pieces are beautiful and some are just horrible, but once it’s all put together it’s the most beautiful piece of art work ever because it is the representation of your life and that is the picture that gets hung.

As we go through moments and we think “this is the worst situation” maybe try and appreciate that moment and think of how it is impacting your life. Hopefully you use it as a positive and try and find the beauty in the big picture. There is a plan.

My goal is to really give it all to God. It’s funny because we are constantly telling our kids tell us your problems we can’t help you if we don’t know… Yet, i don’t always give my problems over to our Heavenly Father. I guess I need to take my own advice because we serve a Good Good God!

The question that we should continually ask ourselves is what picture are we leaving behind? What piece of art work will hang in your memory? What will your final piece of artwork look like?

Embrace the broken because it represents whole.


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Chrissy Hise

Chrissy Hise

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