Chandler is 1!

Chandler had his birthday on June 10, 2014, and we celebrated his party on June 14, 2014. The day he turned 1 it was so bitter sweet. It was hard to believe that he went to bed just a baby and woke up being 1. He is ever changing and growing!! I can’t even believe it. He interacts so great with us and he is the happiest little guy. Nursing has been going great! Day after his party he went 13 hours without nursing and has held about that length for almost a week now. Mind blowing!! I am so excited to be getting my boobs back! At the same time I can’t believe that he is getting to the point that he doesn’t want to. He wants to be down all the time. He loves to walk behind things and be in the walker. He enjoys playing in water and getting into things that he isn’t supposed to. He dumps at least one bag of cereal a day. He gets into the dog water at least 4000 times a day. He spills at least 1 cup of something a day. He get’s all the bowls and sippy cups out about 3 times a day. He smiles all the time. He cracks himself up about 50 times a day. 🙂 He is talking more and more, but not a ton, and that is okay. He loves bubbles. He enjoys reading books and loves to cuddle! Being outside is so much fun for him. He loves his brother and sister and lights up when he sees them! He gets oober excited when his Dad gets home. I can’t imagine out lives without him. I feel like he completes our family 😉

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