Steven Moore – You are NOT Forgotten

I remember the Sparkle in your eyes!

I remember the Touch of your hand!

I remember the Embrace of your hug!

I remember the Very sound of your laugh!

I remember the Excellent way your lived!

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It’s been a year that you have moved on to bigger and better things. I am Amazed at your life everyday! I am Amazed at the amount of people that you continue to touch and will continue to touch for years and years to come. You have set the bar high for people in your field. You have also set the bar high for people in life. You continue to inspire people everyday.


I miss you
I think of you
I shed a tear for you
I am reminded of your beauty


I am missing your embrace, your smile, your voice, your encouragement (as is everyone who even knew you a little big). I am also smiling with a happy heart because of all of the good that is being done in your name. All of the good that is being done because of you! Because of you people will get to become pilots almost for free. Because of you people are pursuing dreams. Because of you people are putting others before them. Because of you people are pushing through the nasayers. Because of you people are smiling. Because of you people are embracing life. Because of you people are choosing to live!


I promise to celebrate you!
I promise to live a life I love!
I promise to dance!
I promise to experience life!

Steven, you are forever in our hearts!


“Up Up and Away!”






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