Is This Boy 2???

An update on Chandler Price Johnson is long over due…

I’ll start off by our morning… This boy decided to wake up at 6:00 am this morning, which this is about an hour and a half earlier than normal… (So, we know it’s gonna be an awesome day!) Well we get some coco (which is warm milk) then he wants up. So let’s do this… I change his diaper and grab blankets and we get loaded up in the car to get sister off to school. We return to the house and get brother up so that we can get him off to school soon. During this time we pack a bag, get clothes changed, and try and get some breakfast… He decides that eating is for wimps and only wants his water bottle… Ahhh okay. Grab his phone because you know being 2 we can’t go anywhere without his phone. During this time we are facing with Aunt Tiff. I finally get him in his seat after a minute of negotiating on why he can’t drive us to brothers school. I calmly let him know that it’s because he is only 2 and he has to be 16. He has a while for this… We reach the school and brother gets out of the car as fast as he possibly can. We send him off with love and get our day started…


We are off to CVS to pick up a prescription, then off to class at the library, then the grocery store, and home for nap, and cleaning….

Okay so here we go we get to CVS and I get him out of the car. He insists on doing this himself. I let him… He needs to bring his phone (He might miss a call). We walk in and he spots some bouncy balls rushes over decides that he just has to have one… I say sure and we move about our business. Things are going great. We are chatting about colors and trucks and balloons… We pay for the prescription and head up to pay for the ball…

He spots the collectible trucks and he just has to have one… I let him know that we can’t get one because they aren’t toys and that we are going to buy this awesome ball that he wanted, but that we need to pay our monies so that we can head to library class with friends….

He proceeds to scream at the top of his lungs, “I want truck NOW!!!!!!!!!” then throws the ball knocks a couple things off the shelf. I walk over and say Chan we have to calm down lets go and get the ball so we can pay it and get going. He chucks his phone down the isle and then punches me in the face. I pick him up and just let him know that we don’t hit and that with these actions I can’t buy the ball, but we need to go and find his phone because he threw it really far. He proceeds to rip my sunglasses off my head yelling I break them! I just keep reassuring him that we don’t break glasses because the sun is so bright and Mommy really needs them. We don’t hit because it hurts!  (I don’t know how but 2 years old and he is crazy strong… I don’t get it)

Meanwhile, people are starring at me… with those disbelieving eyes! I wanted to just sit down in the middle of the store and yell at the top of my lungs to stop starring he is just expressing himself and I want to do the same thing, but somewhere long the lines we were taught that it’s not okay to really have feelings and that we need to put on these perfect fronts or mask it with pills, or binge drinking, or binge eating… or whatever you decide… He is two and these things happen!


I did not do this… I instead took him out to the car where he proceeded to pull my hair for what felt like an eternity and I couldn’t get him to let go… finally I pulled a part of his and he let go and I talked to him and calmly as possible and he got relaxed and hugged and kissed me, he was ready to get to the library (or was he) I get him in the car and he starts screaming… I pull over because I can’t handle all that… I get him out of the car and we stand there and I just let him know that we can continue our day when he decides he’s ready to stop screaming, hitting, and pinching me. This lasted for 2 in a half minutes, but felt like an hour.

Finally we are ready to drive to library… He is like a perfect little angel there and participates and listens to the story, (I, however, am emotionally, physically, and every other lly you can think of) We finish up at the library, and head to the neighborhood market to get some groceries… Again he is perfect and it’s a smooth trip… We head home for lunch and things are seeming good…


Nap time however! This is another battle… He yells I want down, and I put him down, but then he yells I hold you mommy and I pick him up… This continues for about 20 minutes until he finally says Mommy lay me down and play hair… 15 minutes later he is out… So, that process was about a total of 30 minutes….

Now onto Handsome Boy…

He is talking so much and is very sure of what he wants and when he wants it. He has a love for the color orange! He only really likes Orange ice pops, he loves tractors, cars, and trains, air planes (When we see an air plane always points up and says, “Hi Uncle Steve!”) This makes my heart melt. He loves to be outside. He could spend hours in the ocean. He loves to make sand castles and knock them down. He loves riding his bike, and going for runs (he really does run, then we put him in his seat). His favorite foods are french fries, flavored cream cheese, pizza, mac n cheese, and grapes, and he also has a new love for peaches. He waves to everyone and will stop anyone walking a dog and “aks them” to pet the dog. He wants to drive every tractor that he sees and will aks if he can. He wants to know what everyone is doing. He loves his brother and sister so much. He wants to make sure they are with us all the time.


He loves “facing” people especially Aunt Dessie (jessie) Aunt Teesa, and Aunt Tiff with the Ella’s. I think because these ladies will just talk and talk with him. 🙂 He misses his Indiana friends… he will ask when we get to the library where his “friends” are??? There will be tons of kids there, but he’s missing his Carly, bo, Eveeee, and Syamm…

He loves photo albums. He will spend a lot of time looking at pictures and laughing to himself it’s the sweetest things. He is also a master with the tablet and his phone. He loves Kitty Mouse (Mickey Mouse) and bubble guppies…

He loves his dadddeeee as he calls him… Having Dad work from home he loves! He will always want to find out what he’s doing and just wants to make sure he’s there… It’s very sweet.



It is AMAZING to me how much he has grown since we have been here.. This boy is such a great little guy! I am glad he calls me Mom!


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