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We have been here in Florida for a little over a month and in our new home a little over 2 weeks. The palm trees are absolutely perfect and the sun is amazing! There are days when it’s a little warm, but I will take the heat over freezing cold any day of the week. We have visited a few beaches and they are all beautiful in such different ways. Just the view of the ocean is absolutely peaceful. I love crossing over the bridge to head to the beaches it’s a feeling of vacation without the 20 Plus hour drive. We even took Lady girl to the beach for the first time and she loved it! It is surreal to think that this is our home now.


Our house is absolutely perfect. All the kids have there own space and our main living area is so open and inviting. I love pulling up to our house and just that feeling of this is our home. It’s a little crazy at times. There is a sense of calm in this home. We are in love with the area. We are close to many different stores and a few parks and the neighborhood is a quiet and low key neighborhood so we are able to take Chan out and let him ride his bike in the road.

We have been  doing a lot of bike riding, running, and just spending great family time together. We are really trying to embrace this change and just experience it.


The biggs both started school today and they both loved the day! It’s hard to believe that we have a 15 year old, an 11 year old, and a 2 year old!


Jacob started his first day as a 6th grader. He enjoyed the switching of classes and the change that it brought to his day. He met a few new friends, but didn’t remember their names. He did see a few of the kids from his football team, and he found a couple of the kids that he went to the cadets camp with. He isn’t sure of his teachers names yet, but he is anxious for the year. He get’s to take Spanish and Culinary arts this semester and he is ready to get a garden going here at home.


Ashley started her first day as a 10th grader!  She enjoyed the change of scenery. She felt a little overwhelmed at how big the school is and how many kids, but she felt good about it. She is taking chorus and PE as her electives this semester and she is so excited for the Choir part of it. She was impressed that her teacher’s daughter was a on the cover of a musical with Ann Hathoway. It was very sweet to hear her talk about all the exciting things after school. She made a few new friends, but wasn’t 100 percent on each girls name, but she had multiple funny stories to inform us on.



Both kids are going to do great and we are so proud of them for just being so open minded and willing to take this big leap of faith with us. We are sure that this will only help them be fearless unstoppable adults ready to take on this big beautiful world and never feel like they can’t do something. We are showing them that they can go anywhere and do anything and be AMAZING!! 🙂 (They are so amazing!)


Chan boy is adjusting well to the Florida air! He is funny he has the cutest little sweat beads on his little face and when we go into a store or anywhere he is so “cold” lol. He is talking so much now and just becoming this funny, outgoing, sure little boy! His hair is getting so blonde as the days go by!


I felt like the luckiest girl in the world last week! My sisterwife came to spend sometime with me! All because we have such amazing loving men in our lives that truly understand our friendship and appreciate how much we mean to each other! There really are no words to express how happy my heart was to see her sweet face! It was wonderful to show her our daily life! It proved to me that we made the right decision because it was such amazing uninterupted time spent together and I just know that when each one of our amazing people in our lives come to visit us it’s going to be amazing because  are going to get to embrace each person!! 🙂 We are hoping that everyone knows that they are welcome and we look forward to visitors!



We are going to be trying a new Church on Sunday (we absolutely love our Columbia City Church and it will always be our “home” church! They embraced us from the first moment we walked in the door. They loved our kids and they let Chan be a two year old and never made us feel bad for letting him just take it all in. They didn’t have unrealistic expectations for him to sit there in silence and they never made us feel like he wasn’t welcome to take in the word of the Lord!) In saying that, we are excited to try out this sweet little Methodist Church right down the way from us. Payers that we find the perfect fit for us.

lovermy heart


Things are falling into place and I still have to pinch myself… because I am just in awe of where we are in life. I am not sure what I did do deserve all of this Awesome, but I am embracing it and trying so hard to just enjoy and take it all in. Life is good. I am LOVING THE LIFE THAT I LIVE AND LIVING THE LIFE THAT  LOVE! Now that is not to say that I don’t have bad days like everyone it just means that I am trying my hardest to just take it all in.

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