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“As long as you feel pain, you’re still alive. As long as you make mistakes, you’re still human. And as long as you keep trying, there’ still hope.” –┬áSusan Gale

This quote hit me hard today!As long as you feel pain, you’re still alive ┬áThis is so true… All to often we tell ourselves that we don’t deserve pain or hurt or what have you in our lives. Well, if you never experience pain how will you experience the joy? As these words are being typed there is a realization that no one wants to feel pain or hurt right, but there is a need for it. The key to experiencing these types of feelings is to understand how to handle them. When one steps outside themselves and looks back on the life that they have lived there is proof that things always have a way of working out… Maybe they didn’t workout the way you had planned or hoped or wanted, but then did workout. How do I know they worked out because you are still living you are alive that is proof that things have always worked out. This means that maybe when we are faced with fear and sadness we learn to handle it in a way of living in the moment. I say this because many times we tend to play out scenarios in our heads this causes our bodies, minds, and hearts stress that causes more issues. If we try and live in the moment of that feeling and just let our bodies feel it we can maybe learn to feel that hurt and then let it go. Instead of trying to figure out why because some times the why is a null and void question… Instead ask the question, What good can come out of this? When we ask this question this gives our bodies, minds, and hearts and chance to redirect the sadness and hurt into action a positive action.

We as people have to learn that things aren’t happening to us! They are happening around us and we have to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and get up and make a change! Find the Good! Turn your sadness into happiness! Turn your negative into a positive!

As long as you make mistakes, you’re still human, oh boy this is TRUE~ We will all continue to make mistakes because no one can learn any thing until they have made a mistake! That’s how we learn from the time we are little. We are told not to touch something because it’s hot, but it’s not until we have touched that something hot that we now have an understanding and won’t do that again or hopefully won’t do that again… The key to this statement is yes we all make mistakes this makes us human, but and there is a but we must learn from these mistakes. If we don’t or can’t or choose not to this will make life a very steep uphill to climb and we may stop climbing and become stagnant because we don’t like the challenge set before us. I believe that as you make mistakes and LEARN from said mistakes it widens your path and makes the climb a little easier.

as long as you keep trying, there’ still hope, Yes a thousand times to this statement! As long as you keep trying there’s still hope! Is this not truth? It is, as people it isn’t until we give up and we start to lose that hope. Take a child learning how to ride a bike for instance… The child is so excited, they are absolutely determined to ride this bike…. They get a little push and wreck, but they get back on the bike, they repeat this about 6 times. By about the 5th time they are starting to lose hope, but they try it one more time and wala they are riding that bike… Wow! What a great feeling that is! Now, that said child has experienced this feeling of accomplishment they will hopefully go forth wanting to feel that feeling of accomplishment again and again. This will force this child to keep on trying at different things because they know with a little hard work and dedication it is possible…. Take someone who doesn’t want to put the hard work or dedication and now you have someone who isn’t trying and they have probably lost that glimpse of hope could be there and I am sure if you look at the life that the 2 people are living it’s very different. The key is to just keep on keeping on! Keep pushing yourself to be better each day than the day before.

We must understand how to cope with pain, we must learn to cope with mistakes, and we must find a way to keep on trying! Until we can learn to cope with these types of things in a positive way or in finding the good that can come out of it the life we are living will never be completely happy.

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