Happy Birthday Steven!



Today and every day I celebrate a person that made a choice to make this world a better place. He never used his situations as a crutch to not better himself. He never used his past to hinder his present. He looked at life and went after his goals and dreams. He set a goal went after it and wasn’t afraid of setting a new goal. He wasn’t afraid of change, he embraced it. He opened his heart and home to all that were willing to walk on the journey of being the best they could be. He wasn’t afraid to speak absolute truth. He wasn’t afraid to correct you if he felt you were wrong, but at the same time he wasn’t unwilling to be corrected. He gave and took constructive criticism with a smile on his face. He took adversity and used it as a tool to bring people together. He didn’t offer handouts, instead he offered tools. He would hold your hand through a situation, but then he would push you off the cliff that you were scared to jump from. He believed that each and every person had a choice to be who they wanted to be. He embraced each “phase” that he went through. He didn’t judge based on past choices and situations, he only embraced the choice to move forward!

He taught us that we can change the mold over and over again. He proved that his home base was where he was at. He put himself out there and made himself known. He made mistakes and kept on going. Those mistakes made him one of the most Amazing people I knew and know. He had the biggest heart! He was funny, smart, good looking, and charismatic. He was strong and weak at the same time. He was sure of himself, but also boasted insecurities that he fought hard to keep out of his mind. He was a doer! He didn’t believe in being stagnate. He was a motivator.

He made a choice each and every day to be the best version of himself! He taught us to smile because no one is attractive with a frown. He taught us to dance because it just makes ya happy! He taught us to push the envelope! He showed us how to keep on climbing! He didn’t believe in feeling sorry for yourself.

I choose to celebrate you Steven Moore! I choose to use your life as a guideline for how I want to live! I choose to embrace, experience, and enjoy life as it comes. I choose to take leaps of faith and continue climbing the stairs that are in front of me. I choose to continue to embrace you and everything you were. I choose to continue to teach my children that you are not gone you are working! Every plane that that goes over head we look up and say Hi Uncle Steven! We know that you are busy helping other people reach the potential that you see! We know that you are dropping messages and sending I love you’s!

Life is about choices- I choose to Celebrate you and strive each day to be the best person I can be! Thank you for teaching me! Thank you for teaching others! Thank you for loving like you do! Thank you for positive words of encouragement! Thank you for your kick in the ass when needed! Thank you for the building blocks to continue living the journey of life.


Nose Kisses

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