Storms of Life

Storms of Life-

We are all faced with different storms- The storms of life are in the realm of experiences that you go through or the moments that impact you. I say impact because when a storm hits the hardest part is the impact, the aftermath, and effects that hang around for years to come.

Right now our country is experiencing a variety of storms- legit storms. There is just devastations from the West Coast all the way over to the East Coast. There are wild fires, earth quakes, hurricanes, and tornados that we as a country are experiencing. Personally I have experienced a low grade tornado and the effects from that, I have even experienced ice storms that caused power outages and snow storms that made it difficult to navigate around. However, I have never personally experienced devastation or really even had friends and family that I have personally known experience true devastations caused from a storm that wasn’t center based meaning something noth weather related.

Us having just moved from Florida to North Carolina we have several friends and acquaintances that are about to experience catastrophic damages based on what the weather channel is saying. We have watched the effects of other storms from a distance and helped where we could- either by sending supplies or donating money. These disasters have happened before from a distance, but they don’t affect you the same. These types of encounters, I would equate to when a person brushes against you like a stranger in the grocery store. You might say hi or have a small conversation, but once that encounter is out of sight it is kind of out of mind. Maybe a better example would be giving a twenty dollar bill to a homeless person on the side of a street.
We pray for people and hope for the best, but we continue living out our lives.

This “storm” is different because we feel like it’s at our front door- The storm isn’t necessarily affecting our belongings or our family, but it is affecting those that we care about and a place that we called home.

When storms of life come at you or someone you know- we often times say things like “I am so sorry that you are dealing with that.” We offer a hand or a shoulder or a listening ear, but never really knowing what these people are experiencing, that is until it comes knocking on your door. Maybe the storm is a failed marriage, a terminal illness; maybe it’s the loss of a job, or the death of a loved one. All storms-  come in different shapes and sizes and no amount of preparation prepares us to handle the aftermath that happens from the impact of the storm.

How can we prepare for the aftermath, how can we prepare for the devastation, how can we get through the devastation that we feel internally from life’s storms, and also how can we get through the devastation caused by Mother nature?

The questions are real! The hurt and frustration is real! The constant fear “feels” real! The emotional roller coasters are real! Everything that you feel aside from fear is real! One way to help you get through the storms that happen in life is to kick fear out of the equations that you conjure up.

FEAR- is nothing more than FAKE!!!!! EXPERIENCES!!! ALTERING!!! Your REALITY!! You have no room for fear in your life! Fear doesn’t help you to cope! Fear doesn’t help you to understand! Fear doesn’t help you to pick up the pieces! Fear hinders you to make good educated decisions! Fear takes over reality.
Replace fear with FAITH! Faith is Furiously Anchoring In The Heavens! Furiously Anchoring In The Heavens! Faith allows us to get through!

A lot of times people will ask God why he is allowing these “storms” to encounter us! That is fear pushing us to ask these questions! Faith allows you to understand that God isn’t sending these storms of life to us! God gives us free will and honestly sometimes, well a lot of the time we don’t always make the “right” decisions. We don’t always listen when he is giving advice.
When it comes to the storms outside our control- This is nothing more than the devil sending us this crap because he is saying to God- watch your people will fail you! God allows us to weather the storm because he knows his people are strong! He knows our faith is strong! He knows that we will not fail him!

During this time of absolute chaos in the United States- Please take a step outside your day to day and pray! Pray for those that are being affected directly, pray for those that are being affected indirectly! If you are in a position to help- do so! These storms will not break us! These storms will not push us to experience FEAR first! These storms will only make our faith stronger!

We will stay #SECUREANDSTRONG in our Heavenly Father! We will have FAITH!


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