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I have to say yesterday I definately woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  It all started around 11:30 pm.  Sleep was not my friend.  I was tossing and turning all night. At one point I tried sleep on the floor, and well that didn’t work out in my favor.  I then decided to venture to relieve my bladder and decided it was a good idea to sleep on the floor.  That was clearly the wrong choice. I then walked to the couch slept there for a couple of hours woke up again to every little creek that  heard.  I know this s hard to believe but it was difficult to get comfortable the pressure in my female parts was a little uncomfortable to say the least.  At anyrate up and down up and down… finally fell asleep.  When I woke up Jacob was stairing at me… I proceed to ask him why he was stairing me.  His response: He was trying to figure out why I was sleeping on the couch… ( CREEPY) This only seemed to irritate me. So I stomp like a teenage girl mad at my parents to our bedroom and climb into bed.  Lady decides it’s a good idea to wake us up because she needs to relieve herself. I angrily get up and shut the door in hopes to just block her out… Well, just so you know that does not work out so well.  So, I get up and march out the door and what do ya know Jacob is standing there with Lady I ask him, “What are you doing?” He tells me well Lady needs to go out.  Obviously, apparently you couldn’t put her out.  I then put her outside. I am waiting for her to finish her business and Josh being the sweetest cutest sweetest boyfriend comes and tells me to go back to bed and he will handle that. Well, me being a little brat I just stomp back to bed cry and basically self pitty myself.  I then decide I’ll take a shower (maybe it will relieve my bad mood) Not so much. At any rate I get ready and decide I should exit the premises because I am not in any position to be around the people that I love because we as humans tend to take our anger issues out on them. So, I say I am going to have lunch and I’ll be back later.

I then proceed to attend Radio Shack because I think maybe I’ll buy myself something this should help my mood. I find a new phone case on sale and then I find a cute camera with a pink case.  It was helpful in lifting my mood. 🙂 I then head to Alyssa’s because I will hold the sweet baby love and that will surely curve my bad mood. It was helpful.  I then head to the Pizza Depot and spend a good couple hours there with Tam. It was so nice to just eat and relax and visit and not hear the kids asking: (When are we leaving, why are we here, can we go home now, I don’t like this food.) I was smiling when I left and went back to Alyssa’s lay down in bed and watch bad daytime tv. I gotta tell ya I was ready to venture home in a much better mood. Extremely tired, but it was so nice.

I was feeling extra blessed to have such a sweet man in my life that didn’t even question what I was doing he just knew that I needed a moment and gave it to me… .or he was just happy to see me go that morning… baahah Either way, it was Great.

Advice: When you feel yourself reaching that point it’s best to just exit the situation because it’s no ones fault that you feel the way you do. Take your moment and I guarantee it will be better for everyone involved.

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